The Worst Backseat Driver Comments That Should Be Banned

These backseat driver comments should be punsiheable offences.
Written by Jim Belt in Cars

Being a backseat driver can be incredibly annoying and infuriating for the person behind the wheel. From redundant comments to outright antagonizing remarks, backseat drivers have a knack for making even the calmest drivers lose their cool.

Here are some of the worst backseat driver comments that should -in our opinion- be banned.

Questioning the Driver's Skills

Nothing makes a driver feel more incompetent than having their skills constantly questioned by a backseat driver. These comments often imply that the driver doesn't know what they're doing, which can be extremely frustrating.

  • "Do you even know how to drive?" - As if your license was handed out for free.
  • "You're going too fast/slow." - Because you clearly have no concept of speed limits or road conditions.
  • "You should have gone the other way." - The classic Monday morning quarterback comment.
  • "Are you sure you know where you're going?" - As if you've never navigated to this destination before.
  • "You're driving too close to the cars in front." - Because you obviously have a death wish.
  • "Why did you turn there?" - Clearly, you have no idea where you're going or how to get there.

Stating the Obvious

Backseat drivers love to point out the painfully obvious, as if the driver is somehow blind to their surroundings. These comments can be incredibly patronizing and insulting.

  • "Watch out for that car/pedestrian/pothole!" - As if you're intentionally trying to hit things.
  • "The light is red/green." - Thanks, Captain Obvious, you definitely couldn't see that.
  • "Aren't you a bit close to the car in front?" - No, you just enjoy living on the edge.
  • "There's a stop sign coming up." - Really? You don't say!
  • "That light just turned red." - Wow, what an insightful observation.
  • "There's a car in your blind spot." - As if you haven't checked your mirrors and blind spots already.

Giving Unsolicited Advice

Backseat drivers love to offer their two cents, whether you want it or not. These unsolicited bits of advice can be incredibly irritating, especially when you've been driving for years.

  • "You should have signaled earlier/later." - Because you clearly don't know how to use turn signals properly.
  • "You need to change lanes." - As if you haven't already considered that option.
  • "Why didn't you take that shortcut?" - Because you enjoy taking the scenic route, obviously.
  • "You should have turned right back there." - Thanks for the hindsight advice, but it's a bit late now.
  • "You should have merged sooner." - Because you clearly have no idea how to navigate traffic.
  • "You're driving too aggressively/conservatively." - Because everyone has the same driving style, right?

Distracting Chatter

Some backseat drivers just can't seem to stop talking, even when their incessant chatter is distracting and potentially dangerous.

  • "Slow down, you're going too fast!" - Said while you're going the speed limit.
  • "Do you not know me? Do you think I don't know that my car is dirty?" - As if you're obligated to keep your car in showroom condition.
  • "You're supposed to use your turn signal!" - Said after
  • "Can you turn up/down the heat/AC?" - Constantly adjusting the temperature.
  • "Did you see that bird/sign/etc.?" - Pointing out irrelevant things on the road.
  • "You missed our turn!" - Said seconds after missing the turn.
  • "Why are you going this way?" - Questioning your route for no reason.
  • "I think you should have taken the highway." - Offering alternative route suggestions mid-drive.
  • "Are you even paying attention to the road?" - As if you'd still be driving if you weren't.

Narrating the Obvious

In addition to stating the obvious, some backseat drivers feel the need to narrate every single thing that's happening on the road, as if you're not already aware of your surroundings.

  • "There's a car stopped at that red light." - No, really?
  • "That car is signaling to turn left." - Thanks for the play-by-play.
  • "We're approaching a stop sign." - Your powers of observation are truly impressive.
  • "That pedestrian is crossing the street." - Yes, and water is wet.
  • "There's a speed limit sign coming up." - You don't say!
  • "That car just ran a red light." - You're like a real-life traffic camera!

No matter how well-intentioned, backseat driving can quickly become a source of frustration and annoyance for the person behind the wheel. By avoiding these kinds of comments and narrations, everyone in the car can have a more pleasant and stress-free driving experience.

Passive-Aggressive Remarks

Sometimes backseat drivers take it a step further and make passive-aggressive remarks that question the driver's competence. These snide comments are often thinly-veiled insults disguised as jokes or suggestions. Here are some prime examples of passive-aggressive backseat driving remarks that are sure to get you kicked out of the car.

  • "I think I'll walk from here." - Because clearly the driver's skills are so questionable that it's safer to get out and hoof it rather than trust them behind the wheel.
  • "Maybe you should let me drive." - As if the backseat driver is a trained professional and the only one capable of operating a vehicle safely.
  • "I'm never riding with you again." - The ultimate insult to a driver's skills and confidence, implying that their driving is so horrific that you'd rather walk than be trapped in a car with them.
  • "You're not going to make that light, are you?" - Dripping with sarcasm and implying that the driver is incapable of making it through a simple intersection.
  • "I think I see an opening for you to merge, but what do I know?" - A sneaky way of suggesting that the driver is too oblivious or unskilled to safely change lanes.
  • "It's a good thing you're such a cautious driver." - A backhanded compliment implying that the driver is overly cautious to the point of being timid or fearful on the road.

Backseat drivers, take note: these passive-aggressive comments are sure to get you kicked out of the car faster than you can say "turn signal." So, unless you want to be walking, it's best to keep your remarks to yourself and let the driver focus on the road ahead without the unnecessary snark or judgment.