17 Car Smells That Should Have Their Own Cologne

We all know we would buy one just to see if it's actually good
Written by Jim Belt in Cars

We all know the smell of gas at the pump, and if we're honest, more people than care to admit absolutely love that scent.

For true gearheads, the unmistakable burnt rubber whiff or the vintage upholstery nostalgia can instantly put a grin on our faces.

> A mystery has me puzzled: why hasn't anyone turned it into a cologne?

Just in case the fragrance manufacturers are reading these, here are our recommendations. Please make them — we're all dying to try them.

17. The Smell of Popping the Hood

There's nothing quite like popping the hood and getting a whiff of that glorious engine bay aroma. It's a rich, intoxicating blend of fresh motor oil, hot metal, and just a hint of gasoline - like breathing in the very essence of raw automotive power. This scent instantly transports you to the heart-pounding moments of unleashing pure, unadulterated engine fury.

Suggested Fragrance Name: "Engine Bay Bliss"

16. Smell of Blue Windshield Washer

That unmistakable crisp, oceanic aroma is the scent of windshield washer fluid. Each whiff transports you to road trips with wipers swishing through summer rain showers. Refreshing notes of zesty citrus conjure glistening pavement and petrichor. One spritz provides a splash of rain-scented nostalgia.

Suggested Fragrance Name: "Wiperfluid Waves"

15. Smell of a Warm Leather Interior

Ohh buddy, there's nothing quite like sinking into those buttery leather seats and getting a whiff of that rich, musky aroma. It's an earthy, almost tobacco-y scent with hints of vanilla that just screams "fancy schmancy." Breathing in that leathery goodness instantly transports you back to all the miles and memories made sprawled across those supple seats.

Suggested fragrance name: "Heirloom Cruiser"

14. Smell of Gasoline

There's something undeniably exhilarating about the sharp, pungent scent of gasoline. There's just something wildly intoxicating about that robust petroleum scent with zingy citrus top notes. One little sniff and you're practically frothing at the mouth to peel out and hit the open road. Adrenaline. Pumping.

Suggested fragrance name: "Petrol Headrush"

13. Smell of an Oil Change

For the gearhead marinating in the unmistakable scent of an oil change. An intoxicating blend of well-traveled crude and hot metal. One whiff transports you to wrestling with drain plugs in the driveway. Bold notes of high-mileage motor oil declare: "I get grease under my nails."

Suggested Fragrance Name: "Oil Sump"

12. Smell of a Mechanic's Workshop

You know that unmistakable funk of a real grease monkey's workspace? Yeah, that heavenly mix of oil, grease, and just a lil' hint of metal shavings. It's the scent of calloused hands, problem-solving wizardry, and taking pride in gettin' dirty to keep your baby purrin' like a kitten. Breathing it in is like coming home.

Suggested fragrance name: "Mechanic's Spice"

11. Smell of New Tires

The slightly sweet, almost vanilla-like aroma of fresh rubber straight from the tire factory, grounded by an earthy base of warm asphalt.

Suggested fragrance name: "Black Rubber Bliss"

10. Hot Wax Car Wash

There's something irresistibly alluring about the scent that lingers after a fresh car wash and wax. It's a heady blend of warm, tropical fruits like pineapple and coconut, mingled with the rich, buttery aroma of carnauba wax. This fragrance conjures up visions of sun-drenched beaches and treating your ride to a luxurious spa day. As the wax buffed into the paint dries, it releases a delightfully sweet yet subtle scent that screams "look at that shine!"

Suggested fragrance name: "Hot Wax Spray"

9. Smell of Burnout

The unmistakable scent of burning rubber is a thrilling aroma that ignites the senses of every true gearhead. It's an intoxicating blend of campfire smoke, melted tires, and just a hint of spice that instantly transports you to the heart-pounding moments of unleashing pure, unrestrained power on the asphalt.

Suggested fragrance name: "Burnt Rubber Soul"

8. Smell of Chrome

An intoxicating blend of hot metal, engine oil, and hints of luxury cologne - the unmistakable scent that hits you when popping the hood on a finely-tuned machine.

Suggested fragrance name: "Chrome Cologne"

7. Smell of Vintage Upholstery

You know that scent - a nostalgic mix of worn leather, lingering tobacco notes, and just a whisper of cedar that's straight out of your favorite classic car fantasy? That rich, musty aroma is a total time machine, whisking you back to the glory days of iconic auto design with a satisfying punch of vintage cool.

Suggested fragrance name: "Backseat Nostalgia"

6. Smell of a Roadside Picnic

Close your eyes and just INHALE the irresistible aromas of a roadside picnic pitstop. You've got the savory sizzle of grillmaster burgers and dogs, freshly cut grass filling the air, and just a whoooofffff of campfire smoke from the charcoal. It's a scent that bottles up those perfect summertime road trip moments - chowing down surrounded by nature's splendor with the wind in your hair.

Suggested fragrance name: "Roadside Picnic"

5. Smell of WD-40

Every gearhead knows and loves that one-of-a-kind WD-40 scent from a mile away. It's an oddly alluring mix of petroleum power, bright citrusy notes, and a mysterious touch of something spicy. Just a whiff instantly transports you back to all the times that trusty red-and-blue can saved your bacon from squeaks, stuck parts, and other vehicular woes.

Suggested fragrance name: "WD40 Spray"

Suggested slogan: "Loosens you up"

4. Smell of a Brand New Car

You know that new car smell we all go feral for? That crisp, almost metallic fragrance swirled with touches of fresh leather and fancy plastics? THAT is the scent of pure, sweet euphoria. One little inhale instantly floods you with the thrilling anticipation of driving off the lot in a slick new ride with that new car high.

Suggested fragrance name: "New Car Euphoria"

3. Smell of a Rustic Garage

This earthy, musty, straight-up MANLY scent is essentially a love letter to the perfectly broken-in garage. It's an irresistible blend of aged wood, well-worn motor oil, and just a whisper of sawdust that screams "I put in work with these hands." Breathing deep that funky, rustic garage aroma is like coming home to your happy place to tinker on your beloved project car.

Suggested fragrance name: "Grease & Grit"

2. Smell of Classic Car Polish

A distinguished scent blending premium carnauba wax, glossy lacquer notes, and aged leather - the essence of immaculately preserved classic cars.

Suggested fragrance name: "Polished Classic"

1. Smell of Driving a Convertible in Spring

The exhilarating sensations of driving a convertible captured in a fragrance - warm breeze, fresh-cut grass, cherry blossoms, and a touch of windswept hair product.

Suggested fragrance name: "Spring Convertible"