Are gas cars still worth it with high gas prices?

Written by Jim Belt in Cars

You've heard all the hype about how electric cars will save you money at the pump and help save the planet. But get ready to have your mind blown by some shocking facts that might make you think twice about ditching your gas-powered ride.

10. Lower Fuel Costs for EVs

Let's be real – saying goodbye to gas station sticker shock is a huge perk of going electric. Those nerdy number-crunchers say you could save around $1,000 a year on "fuel" by plugging in instead of filling up. That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

9. Higher Upfront Costs for EVs

Here's the part where I have to be a fun-sponge: EVs do cost more up front than similar gas rides. You might be looking at spending an extra few thousand bucks. But hear me out – over time, those lower operating costs could make up for that initial pinch.

8. Maintenance Savings for EVs

Oil changes? Tune-ups? As an EV owner, you can practically flip those maintenance costs the bird. These electrified bad boys have way fewer moving parts and fluids to worry about. That means more cash stays in your wallet long-term. Maybe enough for some sick rims?

7. Range Anxiety with EVs

I get it, running out of juice induces sweaty palms for even the most chill EV owners. While ranges are constantly improving, the ability to just refill a tank anywhere is still a perk gas cars have. Perhaps invest in one of those portable charging doodads?

6. Environmental Benefits of EVs

For all you tree-huggers out there, listen up – EVs leave a way smaller carbon footprint in their tire tracks than gas burners do. Sure, the electricity has some emissions, but overall it's a way greener way to roll. The planet (and your kids) will thank you.

5. Volatility of Gas Prices

Ah, the joys of gas prices yo-yoing up and down like a roller coaster from hell. With an EV, you can just laugh at those poor saps stressing over every uptick. Your "fuel" costs stay pretty steady and manageable.

4. Performance Advantages of EVs

Don't let anybody tell you electric cars are slouches. Some of these plugged-in speed demons can absolutely smoke high-performance gas cars from a stoplight. That torquey electric shove pins you back in the seat hard! Take that, muscle car bullies.

3. Availability of Charging Infrastructure

Here's the big lingering downside – finding places to plug in and charge up on road trips can still be a hassle compared to just hitting any gas station. But infrastructure is growing quickly, so this could be a non-issue before you know it.

2. Incentives and Tax Credits

C'mon, who doesn't love free money? The governments want you driving an EV so badly, they're practically tripping over themselves to offer up rebates and tax credits to cut the costs. It's like getting a nice little discount just for being environmentally responsible!

1. Resale Value Considerations

For years, gas cars kicked EVs' butts when it came to resale value after being used and abused. But you know what? That gap is closing up quickly as these electric rides go mainstream. Only time will tell if today's EVs hold their value long-term as well as combustion classics.