Are modern cars really 10x better than the classics?

Written by Jim Belt in Cars

We've all heard gearheads waxing poetic about how "they just don't make 'em like they used to" and classics being "built to last." But what if I told you modern cars put their vintage counterparts to shame in essentially every measurable way - except one glaring downside that makes them laughably unattainable for most folks?

10. Safety is Significantly Better in Modern Cars

Let's be real, classic cars look super cool but they're basically death traps. Modern rides pack crazy safety tech like crumple zones to absorb impacts, airbags poppin' out everywhere, and electronic stability control systems keeping you from drifting into a ditch. Safety stats show you're way more likely to walk away from a nasty wreck in a new car.

9. Reliability Favors New Over Old

Yeah, the old-school carbureted V8 simplicity was robust, but new cars are engineered and built to insanely higher standards. With modern manufacturing processes, quality control, and computer design, that fresh new ride will just keep on chugging for over a decade with basic maintenance. Classics spent more time in the shop.

8. Classics Were Not Necessarily Better Built

People love saying "they don't build 'em like they used to!" But is that really true? Nah. Well-maintained classics stuck around while all the terribly-built ones rusted away and got crushed long ago. It's survivor's bias affecting our perception.

7. Fuel Efficiency is No Contest

Want to save cash and pollute less? Then you gotta go modern. Direct injection, turbochargers, hybrid batteries, electric motors - new cars have a massive fuel efficiency advantage over the gas guzzling classics. Your wallet and Mother Earth will thank you.

6. Classics Were Less Comfortable

For all their gorgeous bodystyles and soulful rumble, let's face it - classic cars were pretty spartan. The lack of insulation meant you got noise, vibration, and harshness galore. Hot and shaky in the summer, frosty in the winter. New cars are straight up living rooms on wheels.

5. Performance is Insanely Better

"Yeah but my classic Mustang was fast!" I hear ya, but even a basic new economy car with turbo power and crap-ton of computing brainpower will monstor-truck a classic muscle machine in just about any performance test nowadays. Winning lights to lights is basically impossible for the old guards.

4. Tech Brings Connected Convenience

Love or hate it, but new car tech is light years beyond what our grandparents had. Bluetooth audio, smartphone mirroring, cloud services, semi-autonomous driving aids - it's an entirely connected experience. Classics offered nice places to sit and that's about it.

3. Quality Control is More Stringent

While keep-it-simple was the old philosophy, new global auto giants have stringent quality processes riding every little component and piece of modern products. They're scrutinized for thousands of hours across millions of miles to levels classics never saw.

2. Options and Variety are Vastly Superior

These days, whether you want an insane 700hp family hauler, a futuristic electric pod, or a brapped-out off-road rig - the sheer variety of new cars puts classics to shame. Back then, you got what you got. Now, the world is your super personalized oyster.

1. Affordability is a Major Challenge

Okay, new cars are bonkers levels of advanced, but there's one huge bummer - the pricing is utterly insane! Unless you're ballin' out, good luck affording baller rides with the average transaction price hovering around 50 grand. For most folks, that's a hard pass on new despite the huge improvements.