These Are the Most Useless Car Accessories Ever Created

Perhaps they were useful ones, but not anymore.
Written by Jim Belt in Cars

Once, these car accessories were all the rage. They promised to make driving easier and more fun. But today? They’re completely useless. Let’s count down the most obsolete car accessories you probably don’t need anymore.

10. Coin Holders/Change Trays

Coin holders and change trays are meant to keep loose coins organized for quick access. In reality, they often rattle annoyingly and take up valuable space in the car. With the rise of electronic toll systems and widespread card payments, coins are rarely needed, making these trays more of a nuisance than a convenience.

9. CB Radios

CB radios were once essential for truckers and long-haul drivers to communicate with each other and receive traffic updates. Nowadays, smartphones and mobile apps have taken over this function, providing more reliable and versatile communication. CB radios are now mostly used by hobbyists rather than for practical purposes, making them largely obsolete for the average driver.

8. Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD players were perfect for entertaining kids on long trips. However, with the advent of tablets and streaming services, these devices are now bulky and outdated. Modern tablets offer better picture quality, greater versatility, and access to a vast library of content, rendering portable DVD players unnecessary.

7. Cassette Players

Cassette players were once the pinnacle of in-car entertainment, allowing drivers to listen to their favorite tapes on the go. Today, digital music players and streaming services have entirely replaced them. Finding new cassettes is nearly impossible, and the sound quality is poor compared to modern digital formats, making cassette players an outdated accessory.

6. On-Board GPS Systems

Built-in GPS systems were revolutionary in the early 2000s, providing drivers with turn-by-turn navigation. However, these systems are now often less reliable and harder to update than smartphone apps like Google Maps. They become outdated quickly, require costly updates, and can't match the functionality of modern smartphones, which offer real-time traffic updates and more accurate maps.

5. CD Holders for Sun Visors

CD holders for sun visors were once a popular way to keep your favorite albums within arm’s reach. However, with the advent of digital music and streaming services, CDs are nearly obsolete. These holders clutter the visor, obstruct your view, and become redundant as fewer people carry CDs with them.

4. Dashboard Compasses

A compass can help you navigate unfamiliar terrain if you're off the grid. But with the widespread use of GPS and smartphone maps, who needs a manual compass? These dashboard compasses often get stuck, become misaligned, and fail to provide accurate directions, making them more of a decoration than a useful tool.

3. Cigarette Lighters

Once a standard feature for smokers, built-in lighters and ashtrays are now relics of the past. Smoking in cars has declined significantly, and these lighters are mostly used for charging devices. However, modern USB ports and chargers have rendered them redundant, offering faster and more reliable charging options.

2. Car Seat Massagers

Massage seats promise relaxation on long drives, aiming to reduce fatigue and discomfort. However, they often provide weak, ineffective massages and can become uncomfortable over time. Many drivers prefer portable, higher-quality massage cushions that offer better performance and can be used outside the car as well.

1. In-Car Fax Machines

Yes, these existed. In the '80s and '90s, some luxury cars came with fax machines for businesspeople who needed to send and receive documents on the go. Today, with smartphones, emails, and cloud services, in-car fax machines are laughably outdated and completely unnecessary. They serve as a reminder of a time when mobile communication was far less advanced than it is now.

While these accessories might have seemed innovative at their inception, technological advancements have made them obsolete. Keep your car clutter-free by avoiding these useless gadgets!