Do Spoilers Actually Increase Your Car's Performance?

Written by Jim Belt in Cars

It's an age-old debate. If you put spoilers on your stock daily driver ... are you a noob?

You'd never guess that these racy-looking mods could actually be slowing your car down in some situations!

Because while a properly sized spoiler can help with high-speed performance, an oversized one might just turn you into a high-drag, fuel-guzzling road slug.

10. Spoilers Can Enhance High-Speed Aerodynamics

Ah yes, the age-old debate around spoilers. Let's start with the basics - spoilers can help reduce drag on cars that aren't very aerodynamic to begin with. But here's the catch...this benefit only kicks in at pretty high speeds. Zoom zoom!

9. But Spoilers Increase Fuel Consumption

Hold up, speed racer! That spoiler might be increasing your need for speed, but it's also ramping up your fuel consumption. More aerodynamic drag means your engine has to work harder to overcome it. Time to start setting aside gas money.

8. Spoilers Provide Downforce for Better Traction

Now we're getting to the good stuff. Spoilers create downforce that quite literally pushes your car onto the road. More grip means better traction for handling those tight corners like a pro. Just don't get too cocky on those hairpin turns!

7. Too Much Downforce Can Impair Handling

But like all good things, too much downforce ain't a vibe. An oversized spoiler can make your ride feel sluggish and unresponsive. Nobody wants a car that handles like a literal slug, amiright? Moderation is key, folks.

6. Spoilers Can Make Your Car Look Sporty

Let's be real - a huge reason people get spoilers is for that racy aesthetic. There's just something about that aerodynamic lip that screams "I'm a badass speed demon!" Even if you're really just crawling in traffic.

5. But Over-The-Top Spoilers Look Tacky

Of course, going overboard never looks good on anyone. A spoiler the size of a small wing? No thanks, I'll pass on that tragedy. Remember, subtlety and taste are vital...unless you're actively trying to overcompensate.

4. Wings Provide More Downforce Than Spoilers

If downforce is really your one true love, you might want to just go full wing. Those bad boys stick up higher to catch more air and really maximize the push. Though they also maximize how obnoxious you look.

3. Spoilers Are Less Obtrusive Than Wings

For the downforce benefits without the "look at me!" factor, a modest lip spoiler is a nice compromise. You get a little aerodynamic assist without it visually assaulting everyone's eyeballs.

2. Cost is a Significant Factor

No matter how you slice it though, adding any external aero bits is gonna cost ya. Spoilers and wings definitely aren't the budget modification option. You'll have to weigh if that price tag is really worth it.

1. For Most Drivers, Spoilers Are Style Over Substance

Here's the reality - unless you're regularly hitting a racetrack, that spoiler is all for show. For daily driving, you're hardly going to notice a major performance boost. But hey, if it makes you feel like a racecar driver, who are we to judge?