Profile: Custom 2023 Jeep Wrangler 329 Rubicon by Jeepers

Profile Written by Jim Belt in Jeeps

Credit: Jeepers YouTube channel

Jeepers has upgraded the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with new shocks, leather seats, and more. It's tougher and looks cooler than ever.

The coolest upgrade on this Jeep has to be the Falcon shocks paired with Skyjacker springs. This combo makes the Jeep not just look awesome with its red highlights but also lets it drive smoothly over bumpy and rough trails. It's like giving the Jeep superpowers to go anywhere, while also making it stand out in a crowd.


  • Aesthetic: Red accents and carbon fiber details for a sleek, sporty look.
  • Performance: Improved with Falcon shocks, Skyjacker springs, and a Pedal Commander throttle controller.
  • Off-Road Capability: Equipped with 37-inch tires, Rough Country steering stabilizer, and metal high fenders for enhanced terrain navigation.

All Modifications

Here's a detailed list of the customizations and mods mentioned in the video for the Jeep Rubicon four-door, along with brand names, model names, and additional details wherever mentioned:

  1. Shocks: Falcon 3.3 Series Fast Adjustable Piggyback Shocks with a travel range of 2.5 inch to 4.5 inch.
  2. Springs: Skyjacker 3.5 inch Springs (painted in red for accent).
  3. Steering Stabilizer: Rough Country New Series Dual Steering Stabilizer, to improve steering stability.
  4. Front Bumper: Full length with its own bar, unspecified brand.
  5. Winch: Expo 14.5 lbs Winch.
Credit: Jeepers YouTube channel
  1. Lighting: Ox Beam lighting, two pairs, one pair on the front bumper and one pair on the sides. Optional covers are mentioned for legal compliance in certain countries.
  2. Tires and Rims: 37-inch tires on 22-inch rims. The tires are specified as more suited for off-roading.
  3. Fenders: Metal High Fenders for additional tire clearance and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Inner Liner Fenders: Metal Inner Liner Fenders for extra protection and to avoid cutting the original plastic pieces.
  5. Air Compressor Setup: Custom air compressor setup with outlets under each fender for easy tire inflation.
  6. Front Grille: Painted in glossy black with red signature lines to match the springs.
  7. Hood (Bonnet): Avenger Bonnet with the center in glossy black and branding on the side.
  8. Side Marker Lights: With functionality to provide white light when the door is opened and amber light when indicating.
Credit: Jeepers YouTube channel
  1. Side Steps: Jeepers Linux Side Steps, metal, two pieces.
  2. Rear Bumper: Metal Rear Bumper with hooks and white LED lights, which may be illegal to use on the road, thus equipped with a separate switch.
  3. Tow Hitch Wiring Harness: For connecting electrical connections to a trailer or similar.
  4. Exhaust: Dual pipe in chrome, described as louder but still approved by RTA.
  5. Rear Hook: Painted in red to match the overall aesthetic.
  6. Interior: Black leather seats with red stitching, red seat belts, and carbon fiber steering wheel for better grip and aesthetics. Carbon fiber aesthetic covers on the sides of the doors, dashboard, and center to match the steering wheel.
  7. Throttle Controller: Pedal Commander installed under the steering wheel to enhance throttle response sensitivity.
  8. Roof: Sky One Touch Hard Top, an electric sunroof that can be opened with a button, allowing for easy transition between open and closed top without removing the hard top.

These modifications and custom parts significantly enhance the Jeep's off-road capabilities, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, making it a unique build.

Credit: Jeepers YouTube channel

What's Our Take on the Jeepers Edition?

For those of us who love bold designs, the Jeepers Edition Wrangler Rubicon hits a sweet spot with its vibrant red accents and top-notch modifications like Falcon shocks and Skyjacker springs. It's not just a vehicle; it's a statement on wheels, blending rugged functionality with an eye-catching look. This edition is perfect for the adventurer who appreciates a blend of style and substance, making their ride a reflection of their bold spirit.

However, purists might pause. While the modifications enhance performance and aesthetics, traditionalists who value the classic Jeep essence might find the extensive custom work a bit much. This Jeep strays from the understated ruggedness of the original design.

In essence, this Jeepers Edition is for those eager to stand out and tackle trails with flair. It's less suited for those who prefer their Jeep unadulterated, maintaining the original design and functionality that have defined the brand for decades.