French Road Safety Campaign to Men: 'Drive Like a Woman!'

According to the French, we should all drive like women
Written by Jim Belt in News 14 May 2024

A new campaign has revved up in France, urging men to "Drive like a woman!" But for any self-respecting petrolhead, this is a message that deserves to be left in the dust.

Key takeaways:

While promoting safer driving habits is well-intentioned, the "Drive like a woman" campaign oversimplifies the issue and promotes outdated gender stereotypes that many find offensive.

Putting the Brakes on Fun

Launched by the Victimes et Citoyens association, this initiative claims that adopting a more "feminine" driving style could reduce road accidents. But let's be real - where's the thrill in that? Driving is about freedom, adrenaline, and pushing the limits, not puttering along like a grandma on her way to bingo.

Sure, they'll trot out some statistics about men being involved in more accidents. But that's just because we're not afraid to really let our rides loose on the open road. A little risk is the price you pay for a life of passion behind the wheel.

According to the French road safety observatory, men were responsible for a staggering 84% of fatal car accidents in 2022-2023.

The annual report also highlights that men accounted for 93% of accidents involving alcohol. The message from campaigners is clear: adopting a driving style similar to women could significantly reduce these grim statistics.

The "Fairer" Sex Behind the Wheel? As If!

Let's address the elephant in the room. Let's not forget the classic jokes about women drivers. You know the ones - they can't park, they're hapless at changing a tire, they're too busy putting on makeup to actually watch the road. While we're obviously just having a bit of fun here, those old sexist stereotypes do make you wonder if driving like a woman is really the best idea.

Revving Up the Real Drivers

This campaign is plastered all over French subways and digital billboards, but it's just noise to the ears of true petrolheads. We know that driving is an art, a skill honed over years of tinkering with engines and feeling the rumble of a finely-tuned machine.

No amount of naysaying will stop us from seeking out the perfect winding road or from upgrading our project cars to peak performance. Driving like a woman? No thanks - we'd rather drive like the thrill-seekers we are.

Keeping the Flame Alive

At the end of the day, campaigns like this just don't understand the passion that fuels the petrolhead lifestyle. We live for the roar of the engine, the g-forces around a tight turn, and the bond between driver and machine.

So keep your bland, "safe" driving advice. We'll be over here making the roads a little more exciting - and isn't that what driving's all about? Just watch out for us out there, France!