Small Repairs No Longer Exist Because Cars Are So High-Tech

Car repair costs are skyrocketing because cars are so high-tech
Written by Jim Belt in News 15 May 2024

There's no such thing as a tiny repair anymore. Skyrocketing auto repair costs and increasingly complicated cars are making even minor fixes a financial burden.

A small fender bender nowadays could mean shelling out hundreds or even thousands just to get back on the road.

Recent data shows the average cost of repairs for gas-powered vehicles is a staggering $4,696. Electric vehicles? Even pricier, averaging $6,018.

While inflation plays a part, the complexity of modern vehicles is another massive issue.

"This is a sensor that goes behind the bumper in front and detects a possible collision," Andrey Shumylo, owner of Shums Auto Repair in the Philadelphia suburbs, explained while showing an automotive part taken from a vehicle inside his shop.

Shumylo mentioned that a driver came in after his car was "bumped" and the dashboard alerted him that the collision warning system needed servicing.

When they scanned the codes, it indicated the sensor went bad. "The sensor actually says it right on its side… so this could be damaged by not just physical damage, but just bumping," he said.

The cost of this part alone is $900. Add installation costs, and you’re looking at an extra $500 or $600.

Every year, cars get more complicated. We crave more creature comforts and demand more safety features. All these systems are being added, and technicians need to work on those systems, program computers, and figure out complicated electrical issues.

"These things get tight under the hood, so, the bigger the engine, the less room you have to work on it, so it takes longer," Shumylo stated.

The rising complexity of vehicles and the accompanying repair costs are turning auto repairs into major investments. This isn't just about keeping your car on the road; it's about navigating a world where every bump and scrape could mean a hefty bill.

For the car enthusiasts out there, it’s a tough pill to swallow. But understanding the costs and complexities can help you better prepare for the inevitable repairs that come with high-tech rides.