The Most Insane Custom Paint Jobs for Each Pickup Truck Brand

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Dive into the vibrant world of custom trucks where bold designs meet raw power, as we showcase some of the most eye-catching and unique pickups on the road.

We've included the four major brands (Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota) and a bonus at the end (it's a custom Hummer!).

Which brand wins do you think?

Best Custom Ford Pickup Paint Jobs

Ford pickups have long symbolized robustness, but with these custom paint jobs, they take on new personas that are hard to miss. From the glimmering iridescence of city life to the echoing roar of American muscle, these Fords are redefining street art on wheels.

Ford F-150: Iridescent Urban King

Bathing in the cityscape, this Ford F-150 wears an iridescent wrap that flickers through the spectrum, complemented by lustrous gold rims, making a statement that's as loud as its engine's roar.

Ford F-Series: Psychedelic Vintage

Parked on the urban concrete, this vintage Ford F-Series pickup dons a psychedelic paisley wrap paired with golden rims, a nostalgic nod that turns heads and timelines.

Ford F-150: Alpine Wildcat

Amidst a snowy scene, this Ford F-150 showcases a tiger-themed orange wrap with blue accents and matching rims, embodying the spirit of a wildcat on the prowl in the alpine wild.

Ford F-150: Arctic Teal

With the majestic mountains as its backdrop, this Ford F-150 boasts a teal and gold wrap, the color of icy waters, with rims that shine like the sun on the snow.

Ford F-150: American Muscle

In the embrace of a serene homestead, this Ford F-150 flexes with an American flag-themed wrap and black rims, echoing the heart and soul of American muscle and heritage.

Best Custom Paint Jobs on Chevy Pickups

Chevy pickups stand as the canvas for artistic expression where classic meets creativity, with paint jobs that tell a vivid story. These Chevrolets, wrapped in everything from psychedelic vintage to cosmic designs, show off a legacy that looks just as good standing still as it does on the move.

Chevrolet Advanced Design: Metallic Magenta Majesty

Cruising with flamboyance, this Chevrolet Advanced Design truck gleams with a metallic magenta finish, its chrome accents glistening under the Californian sun.

Chevrolet Advanced Design: Fiery Flow

Resting under autumn leaves, this Chevrolet Advanced Design truck is ablaze in a fiery wrap, its flames licking the vintage body lines with hot rod spirit.

Chevrolet Advance Design: Cosmic Blue

This Chevrolet Advance Design truck brings the galaxy to the city streets with its starry, cosmic blue paint job and golden rims that shine like supernovas.

Chevrolet Silverado: Velvet Vortex

Parked at the showroom, this Chevrolet Silverado boasts a vortex of velvet patterns over a glossy black base, with rims that mirror the swirls.

Chevrolet Silverado: Urban Camouflage

Hiding in plain sight, this Chevrolet Silverado wears a camouflage that's anything but standard issue, standing bold against the urban jungle.

Chevrolet Advance Design: Blazing Blue

In a showroom of classics, this Chevrolet Advance Design truck commands attention with its deep blue paint and blazing side flames, a testament to timeless cool.

Chevrolet Silverado: Swirling Inferno

Displayed with pride, this Chevrolet Silverado's wrap swirls like a fiery inferno, its orange tones and curves captivating onlookers, while golden rims complete its magnetic aura.

Best Custom Paint Jobs on Dodge Pickups

Dodge pickups have never shied away from making a statement, and with these custom paint jobs, they're shouting it out loud. Autumn reflections

Dodge Ram: Autumn Reflections

Among the kaleidoscope of fall, this Dodge Ram pickup glistens with a cherry red polish and chrome finishes that capture the essence of the season in its reflection.

Dodge Ram: Tangerine Swirl

In the warm embrace of the showroom lights, this Dodge Ram radiates with a vibrant orange swirl design, an edible appearance that looks almost dipped in a tangerine dream.

Dodge Ram: Galactic Blaze

This Dodge Ram truck embraces the final frontier with a paint job like a starry night, engulfed in flames that lick the edges of the cosmos itself.

Dodge Ram: Striped Sunset

Capturing the tranquil moments of dusk, this Dodge Ram boasts a glossy coat adorned with stripes that mirror the fading daylight, a perfect blend of night and day.

Dodge Ram: Fiery Foliage

Rolling through the autumn avenues, this Dodge Ram carries the spirit of the season with its bold, flame-inspired patterns set against a backdrop of fall's natural palette.

Dodge Ram: Lava Street Glide

Cruising the city streets, this Dodge Ram is ablaze with a lava flow motif, its molten colors gleaming with a heat that matches its powerful presence.

Dodge Ram: Retro Heatwave

This Dodge Ram revives the bygone era with its classic body draped in retro flames, its fiery pattern set against a shimmering backdrop making it a modern relic of cool.

Dodge Ram: Orange Peel Precision

Exhibiting at the auto show, this Dodge Ram's exquisite finish resembles the texture of an orange peel, with precision stripes adding a refined edge to its rugged charm.

Gorgeous Custom Paint Jobs on Toyota Trucks

Toyota Hilux: Urban Flames

The Toyota Hilux cruises the city in style, its fiery wrap blazing against the concrete jungle, a fierce statement on wheels.

Toyota Land Cruiser: Sunset Hues

Glowing against the evening sky, this Toyota Land Cruiser sports a sunset-inspired paint job that reflects the beauty of the closing day.

Toyota Land Cruiser: Galaxy Petals

In the spotlight, this Toyota Land Cruiser shines with a cosmic floral pattern that's out of this world, grounded by the ruggedness of its classic build.

Toyota Hilux: Cosmic Wilderness

The Toyota Hilux stands amidst nature's autumn canvas, wrapped in a starry purple that whispers tales of the wild cosmos beyond.

Toyota Hilux: Painted Tradition

The Toyota Hilux embodies a painted tradition, its intricate designs weaving a story on each panel, an art piece on wheels against the backdrop of the urban landscape.

Toyota Land Cruiser: Rustic Road Warrior

This Toyota Land Cruiser bears the marks of a true road warrior, its rustic patina and off-road readiness suggest tales of adventure in the city's glow.

Best Custom Paint Jobs on Hummer Pickups

Strutting through a forest shedding its leaves, this Hummer H2 is a rolling canvas of fall, dressed in a gradient from deep purple to fiery orange, as if dipped in autumn's very essence.