Celebrity Pickup Truck Owners and Their Awesome Rides

While they can choose from anything on the market, they chose a pickup truck.
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

In a world where flashy sports cars and luxury SUVs seem to be the go-to for the rich and famous, a select group of celebrities buck the trend, opting for something a bit more rugged, reliable, and unmistakably cool: the pickup truck. From country music stars to Hollywood A-listers, these celebrities show that having a practical vehicle doesn't mean sacrificing style.

Jamie Foxx's Rezvani Tank

Jamie Foxx, the multi-talented actor, singer, and comedian, owns a Rezvani Tank, a vehicle that looks like it's straight out of a superhero movie. Foxx says, "When you own a Tank, every road is an open road." This statement encapsulates his fearless approach to life and his preference for vehicles that stand out from the crowd, both in style and capability.

  • Price: Starting at $175,000 USD

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Ford F-150

When you're as big and larger-than-life as Dwayne Johnson, you need a vehicle that matches your persona. Enter the Ford F-150, a truck as versatile and durable as The Rock himself. Known for his action-packed roles and incredible work ethic, Johnson's choice in truck is hardly surprising. It's reliable, tough, and can handle anything thrown its way—much like the man himself.

  • Price: Starting at $33,025 USD

Chris Pratt's Custom-Built Pickup

Chris Pratt, the ever-charming and adventurous star known for his roles in "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World," has a custom-built pickup that's as unique as his personality. Pratt's truck is tailored to his specifications, showcasing his love for the outdoors and his practical side. It's proof that even in Hollywood, customizing a rugged ride can make a bold statement.

  • Price: Varies based on customization

Blake Shelton's Nissan Titan

Country music and pickup trucks go hand in hand, so it's no surprise that Blake Shelton, one of country music's biggest stars, is a proud owner of a Nissan Titan. Shelton's choice reflects his down-to-earth personality and Oklahoma roots. The Nissan Titan, known for its strength and reliability, perfectly complements Shelton's rugged charm and his love for the countryside.

  • Price: Starting at $39,700 USD

Simon Cowell's Ford Bronco

Simon Cowell, known for his sharp wit and often biting critiques as a judge on various talent shows, owns a classic Ford Bronco. This iconic vehicle, known for its durability and classic design, aligns well with Cowell's no-nonsense attitude and appreciation for enduring quality. The Bronco, much like Cowell, is a timeless classic that continues to impress.

  • Price: Starting at $34,595 USD

Miranda Lambert's Ram 1500

Miranda Lambert, the Grammy-winning country music star, is often seen in her Ram 1500. Lambert once remarked, "My truck is my sanctuary. It's where I find peace and clarity." This reflects her deep connection to her roots and the simplicity found in the open road, a theme often present in her music.

  • Price: Starting at $37,905 USD

Jason Aldean's Chevy Silverado

Jason Aldean, another giant in the country music scene, has a strong affinity for his Chevy Silverado. Aldean shares, "There's something about a truck that feels like home." This sentiment highlights the comfort and reliability he finds in his pickup, mirroring the themes of home and heartache prevalent in his songs.

  • Price: Starting at $36,300 USD

Tim McGraw's Ford F-150

Tim McGraw, a country music legend, has a long-standing relationship with Ford trucks. "My F-150 is more than a truck; it's a member of the family," McGraw explains. This statement showcases his deep appreciation for the practicality and emotional connection he has with his vehicle, a common sentiment among truck owners.

  • Price: Starting at $33,025 USD


In the glitzy world of celebrity, where exotic supercars and luxury vehicles often dominate the headlines, it's refreshing to see some of our favorite stars choose something as enduring and reliable as a pickup truck. These vehicles reflect their owners' personalities: rugged, dependable, and unafraid to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's handling tough terrains or simply making a statement on the streets of Hollywood, these celebrities and their pickup trucks remind us that sometimes, the most practical choice can also be the most stylish.