If Chocolate Brands Designed a Pickup Truck, This Is What It'd Look Like

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

A vintage Twix caramel design would actually look great ...

🍫 Forget boring paint jobs, these outrageously designed chocolate-inspired pickup trucks look delicious enough to eat! From the Hershey's Highway Conqueror to the Cadbury Caramel Cruiser, candy lovers are going to want to take these sweet rides for a spin. 🚗

KitKat's Crisp Classic

This pickup truck is a nod to the classic KitKat bar, with a deep red that evokes the wrapper and clean white accents reminiscent of its crisp, crunchy wafer interior, offering a break from the ordinary.

Cadbury's Caramel Cruiser

Decked out in the iconic Cadbury purple with gold accents, this custom pickup looks like it drove straight out of a chocolate lover's dream. Its smooth lines and glossy finish are as tempting as the creamy center of a Cadbury Caramello.

Hershey's Highway Conqueror

With a design as rich and sumptuous as Hershey's chocolate itself, this pickup truck boasts a palette of chocolate brown with a touch of silver reminiscent of a Kiss unwrapped and ready to savor.

Nestlé's Minty Fresh Rider

This pickup truck is a breath of fresh air with its mint green finish and chocolate chip detailing, echoing the refreshing taste of Nestlé's Mint Chocolate.

Twix's Caramel Path Finder

Just like the left and right bar in a Twix pack, this pickup presents a dual-tone theme, with caramel and chocolate colors seamlessly merging in a design that's sure to turn heads.

Ferrero Rocher's Gilded Gourmet

Embodying the opulence of Ferrero Rocher, this pickup truck shimmers in a hazelnut hue, with sparkling gold flake accents that mimic the irresistible crunch of the beloved confection.

Lindt's Indulgent Contrast Cruiser

Mirroring the pristine appearance of Lindt's irresistibly smooth chocolates, this pickup truck flaunts a classy black and white exterior that whispers luxury in every curve, reminiscent of Lindt's timeless elegance.

Peeps' Vibrant Venture

As playful and vibrant as the marshmallow treats themselves, this Peeps-inspired pickup truck sports a kaleidoscope of neon hues and patterns that echo the sugary fun of the iconic Easter candy.

Reese's Smooth Ride

This custom pickup is dipped in Reese's signature orange, with curves as smooth as peanut butter and flame detailing that adds a kick as sharp as the taste of its beloved chocolate.

Toblerone's Triangular Triumph

Just as distinctive as Toblerone's triangular chocolate pieces, this pickup truck flaunts a golden aesthetic that pays homage to the Swiss Alps and the unmistakable packaging of the iconic chocolate bar.