13 Awesome Custom Tacoma's That Will Make You Want To Buy One

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

We knew the Tacoma is a versatile truck, but this is next level.

Explore the stunning lineup of custom Toyota Tacomas, each tailored with unique finishes and rugged features that redefine the pickup experience.

Toyota Tacoma: Emerald Envy Edition

Featuring an iridescent emerald green body complemented by shimmering bronze accents, this Toyota Tacoma turns heads with its polished, high-gloss finish that lights up any showroom floor. The custom modifications include an aggressive lift kit, oversized all-terrain tires, and unique, deep red rims that give this beast a startlingly majestic stance.

Toyota Tacoma: Sunset Flame Edition

This Toyota Tacoma is a fiery blend of sunset orange and verdant green with a slick flame design streaking down its sides. It’s equipped with a hefty grille guard, lifted suspension, and vibrant orange wheels that ensure it stands out whether cruising city streets or blazing off-road trails.

Toyota Tacoma: Aquatic Adventure Edition

Dive into the Aquatic Adventure Edition of the Toyota Tacoma, dressed in a soothing blend of teal and metallic bronze. It boasts beefy off-road tires and a rugged, protective grille that makes it ready for any wilderness. The high-gloss finish reflects its surroundings with a mirror-like quality, emphasizing its sleek design.

Toyota Tacoma: Midnight Chrome Edition

Gleaming under the city lights, this Toyota Tacoma features a dark chrome finish with sophisticated black and silver detailing. Outfitted with a full LED light bar, custom bumper guards, and black wheels with red accents, it combines urban style with rugged capability, making it as functional as it is breathtaking.

Toyota Tacoma: Golden Hour Edition

Illuminated like a desert sunset, the Golden Hour Edition of the Toyota Tacoma showcases a glossy bronze finish with subtle gold flecks. This pickup stands tall on dark rims adorned with bronze details and is kitted out with enhanced LED lighting and a robust grille guard for those who demand utility wrapped in luxury.

Toyota Tacoma: Urban Bronze Edition
Striking a stunning pose under the urban lights, this Toyota Tacoma showcases a metallic bronze body with sleek blue accents that give it a luxurious yet assertive appearance. The polished under glow complements the bronze wheels, which are fitted with all-terrain tires for a balance of style and performance.

Toyota Tacoma: Crimson Warrior Edition

The Crimson Warrior Edition of the Toyota Tacoma is all about boldness and resilience, painted in a deep, glossy red with black trim highlights. It features a robust front bumper with additional lighting and a protective grille that preps it for any adventure, all while looking sharp on the city streets.

Toyota Tacoma: Sunset Chaser Edition

As radiant as a desert sunset, this Toyota Tacoma mixes shades of orange and bronze with a dynamic splash of red on the rims. Equipped with a sporty hood scoop and undercarriage lighting, it’s ready for both the off-road paths and the urban sprawl.

Toyota Tacoma: Coastal Cruiser Edition

This Tacoma takes a retro-modern approach with its striking blue and purple paintwork reminiscent of a coastal twilight. Outfitted with a vintage grille, purple-tinted headlights, and metallic accents, it delivers a unique blend of old-school cool and modern tech.

Toyota Tacoma: Copper Trail Edition

This Toyota Tacoma, dubbed the Copper Trail Edition, gleams with a vibrant copper top and a lush green undercarriage, making a striking statement on polished showroom floors. Its blend of retro charm and modern design features flared wheel arches and a bold front fascia, equipped with high-performance tires that promise adventure at every turn.

Toyota Tacoma: Sunset Reflection Edition

Capturing the essence of a beachfront sunset, this Toyota Tacoma stuns in a reflective copper finish, adorned with vibrant red rims. The custom upper light bar and matching chrome accents dazzle under city lights, showcasing a blend of elegance and rugged performance, perfect for an evening drive along the coast or a stylish arrival at any event.

Toyota Tacoma: Royal Blaze Edition

Blending the classic charm of navy blue with fiery copper accents, the Royal Blaze Edition of the Toyota Tacoma stands out for its majestic yet spirited appearance. This truck features a muscular build accentuated by orange-hued rims and off-road tires, perfect for navigating both the bustling urban jungle and untamed wild landscapes.