The Most Extreme Pickup Truck Races

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

When it comes to pushing pickup trucks to their absolute limits, these extreme races take it to a whole new level of crazy. From punishing desert terrain to outrageous vehicle modifications, these events showcase just how far you can push a pickup. Here are some of the craziest pickup truck races in terms of conditions, vehicles, and prizes.

Baja 1000 - A Desert Gauntlet

  • Vehicles: Heavily modified Ford Raptors, Chevy Silverados, Ram TRX and more
  • Prizes: $100,000 overall winner, $20,000 truck class winner

The legendary Baja 1000 off-road race is a grueling test of endurance across Mexico's Baja California peninsula. The truck class sees heavily modified pickup trucks equipped with reinforced suspensions, oversized tires, and protective plating to withstand the brutal 892-mile course through mountains, valleys, and deserts.

Racers endure punishing temperatures, clouds of dust, brutal impacts, and blinding darkness as they tear across the rugged landscape at breakneck speeds. The overall winner takes home $100,000 and the truck class victor gets $20,000, making this an extremely lucrative desert race.

Demolition Derby Destruction

  • Vehicles: Reinforced older model pickup trucks
  • Prizes: Up to $5,000

While not a race in the traditional sense, demolition derbies featuring pickup trucks are pure automotive mayhem. Drivers of reinforced and converted pickup trucks actively try to immobilize the competition through ramming and high-speed collisions.

The last truck still running wins, with prize money that can reach into the thousands of dollars at major demolition derby events. The first demolition derby final show paid out a whopping $5,000 to the winner back in the day.

Feats of Towing Strength

  • Vehicles: Stock and modified heavy-duty pickups like Ford Super Duty, Ram 3500, etc.
  • Prizes: Up to $50,000

Who doesn't want to see a pickup truck tow a house, train, or airplane? Towing competitions push stock and modified pickup trucks to their absolute towing limits. Judges score on the maximum distance towed while dragging immense weighted sleds or actual structures down specialized towing tracks.

Top towing events award huge cash prizes reaching up to $50,000 to the competitor whose truck can pull the most outrageous load the farthest. It's an incredible - and lucrative - showcase of raw pickup truck power and capability.

Redneck Ingenuity on the Racetrack

  • Vehicles: Heavily customized and modified older pickup trucks
  • Prizes: Trophies, nominal cash prizes

For a true spectacle of over-the-top creativity, check out redneck pickup truck races. Taking place on rough dirt ovals and twisting tracks, these events celebrate wild and outrageous vehicle modifications.

From trucks sporting snorkels and smokestack exhausts to models converted into makeshift monster trucks, the creativity on display is second only to the roar of their engines and clouds of dust kicked up as they tear around the track. While prize purses are modest, the real awards are trophies and redneck glory.

Ice Road Truckin' Racing

  • Vehicles: Pickups modified for ice racing with studs, spikes, speciality tires
  • Prizes: Up to $10,000

Imagine taking a pickup truck and loading it up with spikes, studs, and specialized tires for maximum traction. Then racing it across a frozen lake or river at top speed while fishtailing and sliding across the ice.

Ice racing pushes drivers' skills and vehicles' control systems to their absolute limits. Races take place in brutally cold conditions where loss of control can send a truck careening into frozen oblivion. Prize money can reach $10,000 for these icy sprints.

From roof-crushing jumps to maximum towing capacity, these are just some of the craziest pickup truck racing events that prove there's no limit to how far you can push these hard-working vehicles. So buckle up for pure, unadulterated four-wheeled insanity!