9 of the Biggest Fast Food Brands Reimagined as Pickup Trucks

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Welcome to a world where fast food and pickup trucks collide in the most creative ways imaginable. We've reimagined nine of the biggest fast food brands as uniquely designed pickup trucks, each reflecting the iconic style and spirit of these beloved eateries.

KFC Classic Americana Truck

This Chevrolet C10 captures the essence of KFC with its vintage branding and classic American style. Perfect for country roads and rural settings, it's a rolling tribute to the timeless appeal of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Starbucks Mobile Coffee Shop Truck

This Dodge Ram 4 has been transformed into a mobile Starbucks coffee shop. With its inviting green and white color scheme, it's a modern, mobile solution for urban parks and streets, bringing your favorite coffee closer than ever.

Starbucks branded Dodge Ram as a mobile coffee shop in an urban park.
Your Mobile Starbucks Barista - The Dodge Ram Coffee Haven

Burger King Inspired Off-Roader

This Ford F-150 Raptor is decked out with the Burger King colors, ready to tackle any terrain. Its rugged design and imposing presence make it a natural fit for dirt trails and off-road adventures. This truck embodies the king of burgers' spirit on every path.

Burger King branded Ford F-150 Raptor on a dirt trail in a natural setting.
The Off-Road King - Burger King's Rugged Ford F-150 Raptor

Dairy Queen Dessert Truck

This Ford Ranger, decked out in Dairy Queen's pastel colors, is a delightful dessert truck designed for suburban areas. It's family-friendly and perfect for delivering sweet treats, embodying the joy and charm of Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen themed Ford Ranger dessert truck in a suburban setting.
Sweet Treats on the Go - The Dairy Queen Inspired Ford Ranger

McDonald's Themed Pickup Truck

This Chevy Silverado has been transformed to represent McDonald's with a striking red and yellow custom wrap. The truck is perfect for urban environments and features eye-catching branding that's sure to turn heads. It's a fun and vibrant way to show your love for the fast-food giant.

McDonald's themed Chevrolet Silverado with red and yellow custom wrap in an urban setting.
Big Mac on Wheels - The McDonald's Inspired Chevy Silverado

Subway Sandwich Delivery Truck

This Nissan Frontier, adorned in Subway's green and yellow, is the ideal compact delivery truck for urban settings. Its design emphasizes practicality and efficiency, perfect for navigating city streets and ensuring your favorite subs are delivered fresh and fast.

Subway themed Nissan Frontier in an urban setting for fast sandwich delivery
Subway's Delivery Specialist - The Nissan Frontier in Urban Green and Yellow

Taco Bell Futuristic Design

This Dodge Ram steps into the future with its vibrant Taco Bell-inspired design, complete with futuristic modifications and LED lighting. Set against a modern cityscape, this truck is the epitome of innovation and style, just like Taco Bell's unique menu.

Taco Bell inspired Dodge Ram with futuristic modifications in a modern cityscape.
Taco Bell's Future on Wheels - The Innovative Custom Dodge Ram

Domino's Pizza Fast Delivery Pickup

The Toyota Hilux, sporting the Domino's Pizza theme, is the epitome of fast delivery. Its design is tailored for efficiency in urban environments, especially at night. This pickup is a dynamic solution for ensuring hot pizza delivery on time.

Domino's Pizza themed Toyota Hilux designed for fast delivery in an urban night setting.
30 Minutes or Less - The Domino's Pizza Fast Delivery Toyota Hilux

Wendy's Sleek Street Truck

This Toyota Tacoma boasts a sleek Wendy's red and white theme, complete with street performance mods and LED lights. Ideal for urban nightlife, its modern design is both stylish and functional, embodying Wendy's contemporary and fresh appeal.

Wendy's themed Toyota Tacoma with street performance mods and neon lights in an urban setting.
Fresh and Fast - The Wendy's Inspired Toyota Tacoma for Urban Nights