Our Favorite Custom Trucks: The Incredible Designs That Captured Facebook

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Rev up your day with our fan-favorites: Feast your eyes on the custom pickup trucks that our Facebook community can't stop liking! And to be fair: these are incredible

Jeep Gladiator Monster

Perched high above the street like a colossus, this Jeep Gladiator is an all-terrain conqueror, with gigantic tires that laugh in the face of gravity.

Ford F-150 Nightshine

The Ford F-150 Nightshine edition glistens under city lights, flaunting its reflective chrome finish and extra glow for nighttime prowls.

Chevrolet C10 Highrider

Blue skies meet the 'Blue Mule,' a vintage Chevrolet C10 Highrider that mixes classic style with a sky-scraping lift and off-road readiness.

Electric Blaze

Sleek lines and a bold electric yellow palette highlight the Electric Blaze, a modern pickup that turns the urban jungle into its eco-friendly playground.

Ford F-150 Lowrider

Lowered stance, high standards: the Ford F-150 Lowrider glides along the asphalt, a street-smart silhouette with a touch of chrome class.

Ram 2500 Backcountry

The Ram 2500 Backcountry is a red giant, ready to roam the wild with its rugged tires and untamed spirit.

Chevrolet Silverado Stealth

In the quiet of the forest, the Chevrolet Silverado Stealth emerges, its dark finish and aggressive stance owning every inch of the wilderness road.