Secret Hacks to Increase Your Pickup's Fuel Efficiency

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Save on fuel and enjoy more adventures with your pickup. Small changes can make your truck more efficient and leave cash for fun. It's simple – maintain it well and slow down to see the world, not just a blur.

Here are 6 hacks to dramatically increase your pickup's fuel efficiency.

1. Air Filter Aerobics

The engine, much like a fitness enthusiast, thrives when it can freely breathe. A clogged air filter is like having a stuffy nose during a marathon—it's going to slow them down.

By keeping their air filter clean, drivers ensure that their engine sips air with the elegance of a vacuum cleaner. Surprisingly, this can help with fuel consumption.

Replacing an air filter on a pickup truck costs $15-$25 for the filter on. Labor costs add an additional $20-$50 typically, bringing the total for an air filter replacement on a pickup truck around $35-$75 on. Cheap upgrade!

2. Spark Plug Sparkle

Spark plugs might be small, but they can throw a big punch in the gut of fuel inefficiency. If a spark plug is as dirty as a coal miner's overalls, it's not going to fire properly.

Ensuring their spark plugs are in top condition means the engine runs smoother than a dolphin's forehead, and that means better fuel efficiency.

Replacing spark typically costs $80-$250 in total, with the spark plugs costing $6 and labor adding $100-$150 or more. It costs barely anything if you do it yourself!

3. Oil Change Olympics

Changing their oil is the high jump of truck maintenance; do it regularly, and they’ll soar over the competition. Using the recommended grade of oil is like picking the right shoes—it can make all the difference.

Plus, it keeps the engine parts lubricated without them having to wrestle each other, leading to a more efficient ride and a happier owner who doesn’t need to visit the gas station as often.

4. Accelerate with Attitude

To boost fuel economy, drivers should treat their accelerator like a sleepy cat—gently and with patience. Sudden sprints to full speed are a big no-no; instead, they should aim for a gradual increase in velocity, which is far kinder to their vehicle's thirst for fuel.

5. Brake Like a Pro

Braking in a pickup? It's an art form. Smart drivers know that anticipation is key and imagine they have a fragile egg under their foot.

Smooth, progressive braking not only helps maintain a good fuel efficiency but also reduces wear on those precious brake pads.

6. Cruise Control Charisma

One of a driver's best pals on the highway is Cruise control. Engaging cruise control maintains a steady speed. It also avoids unnecessary acceleration, helping pickups sip fuel instead of guzzling it.

But remember, cruise control is for highways, not for city slicker stop-and-go.