17 Pickup Trucks So Futuristic You Won't Believe They're Real

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Dive into a realm where pickup trucks look like they've zoomed straight out of a sci-fi fantasy. These are not your everyday haulers but a vision of what the future holds, challenging everything you thought you knew about trucks. Get ready for a leap into the future.

Ford F-150: Desert Drifter

Amidst the desert dusk, this Ford F-150 Desert Drifter stands out with its illuminated accents, a beacon of rugged beauty in the wilderness.

Rivian R1T: Sunset Boulevard

The Rivian R1T strikes a pose against the twilight, its sleek silhouette and signature LED lights mimicking the vibrant skies of a sunset boulevard.

Mercedes X-Class: Sunshine Warrior

With a paint job as bright as the sun, this Mercedes X-Class Sunshine Warrior gleams, reflecting its radiant energy on anyone who dares to stare.

Lord of the Urban Jungle: The Customized Stealth Edition

Dressed to impress in a matte-black with subtle orange accents, this high-tech electric beast makes silence the new roar on the streets.`

Unknown Make: Urban Titan

Bathed in the city lights, this formidable pickup exudes strength and modernity, its bold orange accents mirroring the urban energy.

Cybertruck: Polar Pioneer

This futuristic pickup truck, designed for the polar extremes, boasts a striking silhouette against the cold, pastel sky, ready to blaze trails on the ice.

Rivian R1T: Midnight Stealth

Dressed in an all-black attire, this Rivian R1T embodies the essence of the midnight stealth theme, ready to disappear into the night with its darkened aesthetics.

Retro Futurism Refined: The Custom Revival Edition

This pickup, flaunting a retro-futuristic design, merges nostalgia with innovation, sporting a deep green exterior, off-road tires, and orange detailing that commands attention like a classic arcade game brought to life.

Rivian R1T: Auto Show Star

Center stage at the auto show, this Rivian R1T shines with its sophisticated navy blue finish, drawing admiration from onlookers and enthusiasts alike.

Unknown Make: Snow Patrol

Equipped to conquer the iciest terrains, this robust pickup stands as a guardian against the stark, snowy backdrop, its orange highlights cutting through the chill.

Unknown Make: Monochrome Muscle

The picture of sheer power wrapped in a sleek monochrome package, this pickup truck makes a statement of understated force on a minimalist canvas.

Rivian R1T: Arctic Explorer

The Rivian R1T, Arctic Explorer edition, boasts an ice-cool demeanor, standing bold and confident against a backdrop of snow and ice, ready for any winter adventure.

Rivian R1T: Autumn Gold

Capturing the golden hues of autumn, the Rivian R1T here is a rolling homage to the season, combining luxury with a touch of nature's warmth.

Unknown Make: Urban Warrior

A beast among machines, this pickup with its vibrant orange armor charges through the wet urban jungle, ready for any challenge the city throws its way.

Rivian R1T: Urban Reflection

Like a mirror reflecting the urban landscape, this Rivian R1T in a bold golden finish perfectly blends the fast-paced city life with its electrifying presence.

Chevrolet Silverado: Neon Night

The Chevrolet Silverado Neon Night edition lights up the stormy cityscape with its vibrant orange glow, matching the city's lively after-dark heartbeat.

GMC Sierra: Suburban Stealth

The GMC Sierra showcases its Suburban Stealth theme, exuding power and class in a residential setting, its dark blue finish speaks of quiet sophistication.

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