7 Impressive Facts About GMC's Iconic Sierra Pickup You Didn't Know

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

GMC's Sierra pickup truck is very capable yet also very comfortable. It can work hard at job sites but also pamper families on road trips. The Sierra lineup offers lots of choices - from basic work trucks to luxurious Denali models with leather seats. This versatile GMC can be rugged or refined.

Even though the Sierra has premium options, it still remains a truly tough and smart "Professional Grade" truck at heart. The Sierra blends power with intelligent versatility better than other pickups. Here are 7 cool facts that make this iconic GMC truck so impressive:

7. It's Surprisingly Fuel Efficient

Despite the Sierra's robust towing and hauling talents, the latest models offer impressive fuel economy for a full-size truck. The diesel engine option achieves up to 28 mpg on the highway. This exceptional fuel efficiency is particularly noteworthy given the Sierra's size and capabilities, making it a practical choice for those who need a powerful truck but also want to save on fuel costs. The combination of advanced engine technology and aerodynamic design contributes to this impressive performance, ensuring that the Sierra remains competitive in a market where fuel efficiency is increasingly important. For drivers who require both power and economy, the Sierra's diesel engine provides an excellent balance.

6. The Multipro Tailgate is a Game-Changer

GMC's innovative MultiPro tailgate has six different functions and positions to vastly improve cargo accessibility and bed usability for all sorts of gear and equipment. This versatile tailgate can be configured as a step for easier access to the bed, a load stop to prevent items from sliding out, or even a work surface for on-the-go projects. The MultiPro tailgate's unique design enhances the Sierra's functionality, making it easier to load, unload, and manage cargo efficiently. This feature demonstrates GMC's commitment to innovation and practicality, offering truck owners a tool that adapts to their needs and simplifies their tasks.

5. Creature Comforts Abound

Even base Sierra models come loaded with an array of smart tech features like wireless smartphone integration, a WiFi hotspot, and safety aids like automatic emergency braking. These amenities ensure that every drive is comfortable, connected, and safe. Wireless smartphone integration allows seamless access to navigation, music, and communication apps, while the WiFi hotspot keeps all passengers connected on the go. Safety features like automatic emergency braking provide an additional layer of protection, helping to prevent accidents and enhance driver confidence. The inclusion of these advanced technologies in the base models highlights GMC's dedication to providing value and convenience to all Sierra owners.

4. The Trims Range from Workhorse to Luxury Liner

The Sierra is available in a wide range of flavors from bare-bones work truck trims to the premium Denali and Denali Ultimate with leather interiors nicer than many luxury cars. This diversity allows buyers to choose a Sierra that perfectly fits their needs and preferences, whether they require a rugged, no-frills work truck or a luxurious, feature-packed vehicle. The Denali and Denali Ultimate trims offer high-end materials, advanced technology, and refined comfort, making them ideal for those who want a truck that provides both performance and luxury. This range of options ensures that there is a Sierra for every type of driver, from the hardworking professional to the discerning enthusiast.

3. The Duramax Diesel Packs a Punch

If you need serious towing prowess, the optional Duramax 3.0L turbodiesel cranks out an incredible 460 lb-ft of torque to move heavy trailers with ease. This powerful engine option makes the Sierra a formidable choice for those who frequently tow large loads, providing the muscle needed to handle demanding tasks. The Duramax diesel engine's impressive torque output ensures that the Sierra can tow heavy trailers, boats, and equipment with confidence and ease. This capability, combined with the truck's overall durability and reliability, makes the Sierra an excellent choice for both professional and recreational use.

2. Off-Road Warriors in the Lineup

For tackling tough terrain, the Sierra AT4 and AT4X models get specialized off-road upgrades like skid plates, Rancho shocks, all-terrain tires, and more. These enhancements make the AT4 and AT4X models well-suited for off-road adventures, providing the capability and durability needed to navigate challenging landscapes. The skid plates protect vital components from damage, while the Rancho shocks and all-terrain tires improve handling and traction on rough terrain. These features make the Sierra AT4 and AT4X ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and those who require a vehicle that can perform reliably in off-road conditions.

1. It's a 9,000+ Pound Towing Monster

When properly equipped, the Sierra 1500 can tow a massive 9,300 lbs while the heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models can pull over 18,500 lbs - numbers that rival the best pickups out there. This remarkable towing capacity ensures that the Sierra can handle the heaviest loads with ease, making it a top choice for those who need a truck with serious towing power. Whether you're hauling construction equipment, large trailers, or recreational vehicles, the Sierra's robust towing capabilities provide the performance and reliability you need. The heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models, in particular, offer exceptional towing capacity, making them suitable for the most demanding towing tasks.

From its wide range of practical configurations to its refined cabin amenities and impressive capabilities, the Sierra proves why GMC's "Professional Grade" motto rings true. This versatile truck truly shines whether it's a daily workhorse, family hauler, or even a luxurious travel companion. The Sierra's combination of power, efficiency, and advanced features makes it a standout in the full-size truck market, appealing to a broad spectrum of drivers who demand both performance and comfort. Whether you need a dependable vehicle for work or a stylish, feature-rich truck for leisure, the Sierra delivers on all fronts, embodying the quality and innovation that GMC is known for.