7 Pickup Truck Hacks You Won't Believe You Didn't Know

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Pickup trucks are incredibly versatile vehicles, but there are some simple hacks and tricks that can make them even more useful and convenient. Here are 7 clever pickup truck hacks you'll wish you knew about sooner (#7 is the best!):

1. Trash Bag Truck Bed Liner

Protect your truck bed and prevent scratches by lining it with an affordable trash bag. The Family Handyman recommends using a contractor bag or heavy-duty trash bag and simply laying it in the bed before hauling anything that could damage the surface. This creates a removable, disposable liner.

2. Camp In Your Truck

With a little preparation, your truck can double as a comfy camper. Clear out the truck bed and add a truck tent designed to attach to the bed. Add a camping pad or air mattress inside the tent area. You now have a cozy sleeping area with plenty of underbed storage.

3. DIY Roof Cargo Box

Increase your truck's storage capacity by making a homemade roof cargo box using plywood and aluminum sheeting. Family Handyman has easy instructions - just cut the plywood to size, wrap with aluminum sheeting, and secure to your roof rack using ratchet straps.

4. Organize With Bed Dividers

KTEN recommends installing inexpensive homemade bed dividers using basic wood planks to section off your truck bed. This keeps cargo separated and prevents items from sliding around. You can make the dividers adjustable using dowels and drill holes.

5. Under-Seat Storage

Don't forget the hidden storage area under the rear seats of crew cab trucks. Remove the bottom seat cushions to access this space - perfect for keeping emergency supplies, tools, recovery boards, and more locked up but easily accessible.

6. Pop-Up Truck Bed Pool

Beat the heat with this cool hack - a pop-up truck bed pool! Designer Insider shows how to use a truck bed liner as a gigantic water pool. Just inflate it, fill with water, and you have an instantly awesome swimming pool right in your truck.

7. Handy Cup Holder Hack

Sick of drinks spilling in your truck's flimsy cup holders? Create sturdy, custom-fitted inserts by tracing the cup holders onto a piece of plywood and cutting out perfectly-sized rings. The snug plywood rings will grip cups tightly and prevent tipping.

Those are 7 ingenious pickup truck hacks that will maximize your truck's utility, storage, and even fun factor. Which clever idea will you implement first on your rig? With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless for doing more with your pickup.