Anyone With a Truck Can Go on These Incredible U.S. Road Trips

You got a truck? Then there's no excuse not to hit the road this summer!
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

We've lined up 10 epic road trip ideas that are a must for any truck owner. From cruising iconic desert highways to exploring quirky Americana, these incredible routes will make your summer awesome.

And for the real road trip diehards, we've included a bonus list of deep cut, next-level adventures that only the most hardcore enthusiasts know about.

Load up the truck and get ready for some serious wanderlust! The open road is calling..

10. Nappanee Amish Country, Indiana

Explore the quiet back roads and covered bridges of Amish country in northern Indiana. Stop at roadside stands to buy fresh produce, baked goods, and handmade crafts direct from the Amish. recommends the quirky Quilt Gardens tour.

9. Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

Drive from island to island on this stunning overseas highway that connects the Florida Keys. Stop at weird roadside attractions like the Giant Betsy Keyhole Marquee in Islamorada. End your trip in lively Key West.

8. Kathy Trail, Idaho

This remote mountain road winds through the Nez Perce National Forest and Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho. Camp along the way and keep an eye out for wildlife like elk, moose and black bears. users recommend this adventurous trip.

7. Trail of the Ancients, Southwest U.S.

Tour amazing Native American cultural sites across the deserts and canyons of the Southwest U.S. See Anasazi cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, drive through Monument Valley's iconic buttes, and explore Canyon de Chelly. highlights this scenic route.

6. Dinosaur Trail, Colorado & Utah

Discover fossils and geology on this prehistoric highway through Colorado and Utah. See real dinosaur bones and footprints at sites like Dinosaur National Monument and Dinosaur Ridge. suggests making this your dino-themed road trip.

5. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, Oregon

This route passes by lava fields, volcanic peaks, and the stunning Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Stop at the Lava River Cave to explore an ancient lava tube. users recommend this unique volcanic landscape.

4. Selma to Montgomery March Byway, Alabama

Follow the path of the historic 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights march led by Martin Luther King Jr. This byway passes through small Southern towns and sites like the Edmund Pettus Bridge. suggests learning about this significant civil rights history.

3. Loneliest Road, Nevada & Utah

US-50 across Nevada and Utah is nicknamed the "Loneliest Road in America" as it passes through vast, empty desert landscapes. Make quirky stops at places like the International Car Forest of the Last Church. recommends this off-the-beaten-path drive.

2. Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit, Michigan

This iconic annual event sees over 1 million classic cars cruising Detroit's Woodward Avenue. Drive your own muscle car or truck in this celebration of American automotive culture. highlights unique car-themed stops nearby.

1. Pan-American Highway

For the ultimate road trip adventure, drive as much as you can of the 48,000-mile Pan-American Highway stretching from Alaska to Chile! Cross through jungles, deserts, and mountains on this epic journey.

Bonus: Secret Road Trips Road Trip Ideas Only Diehards Know About

  • Frozen Road Trip (drive across frozen lakes and rivers in winter)
  • Extraterrestrial Highway (UFO hotspot in Nevada desert)
  • America's Idiot-Proof Trail (silly roadside attractions across the South)
  • Following the Oregon Trail (drive the famous 19th century pioneer route)
  • Graffiti Highway (explore an abandoned road covered in street art)
  • Gangsters & Outlaws Trail (sites related to 1920s mobsters and criminals)
  • National Toilet Tour (quirky toilet-themed stops across the U.S.)