47 Custom Chevies That'll Now Make You Want To Buy One

We all know we need just one more truck. Just one.
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Sorry, but you're probably going to want another Chevy after this. These 46 custom classics will make your jaw drop. Insane colors. Slick designs. Mindblowing details.

Get ready to drastically upgrade your dream car wish list. We apologize in advance for making you fall in love all over again.

Chevrolet Silverado - Island Inferno

This Chevrolet Silverado is turning heads with its fiery orange paint job that reflects the tropical vibes around it, paired with massive custom white rims that give it a bold and flashy stance.

Chevrolet Silverado - Copper King

Glistening in a luxurious copper finish, this Chevrolet Silverado boasts a head-turning design with matching copper wheels and a stance that commands respect both on and off the road.

Chevrolet Silverado Night Cruiser

Decked out with vibrant lighting and striking blue paint, this Chevrolet Silverado Night Cruiser is ready to turn heads with its sleek design and bold aesthetic.

Chevrolet Silverado Midnight Majesty

Dressed in a stunning two-tone black and silver scheme, this Chevrolet Silverado exudes sophistication with its chrome accents and extravagant, gleaming wheels that reflect the night lights.

Chevrolet C10 - Retro Blaze

Blending classic charm with modern flair, this Chevrolet C10 features a retro-inspired turquoise and bronze color scheme, complemented by shiny, custom wheels that pay homage to its vintage roots.

Chevrolet Silverado - Tropical Blaze

This Chevrolet Silverado is turning heads with its vibrant, chameleon-like paint job shifting from fiery orange to lush green, complemented by enormous, eye-catching chrome rims that shimmer like a tropical mirage.

Chevrolet Silverado Royal Elegance

Combining deep blue and golden tones, this Chevrolet Silverado exudes royal elegance with its luxurious finish and high-end customizations.

Chevrolet C/K Blazing Pink Delight

This vibrant Chevy C/K stands out with its eye-popping pink paint job, chrome accents, and rugged off-road tires, blending bold style with adventure-ready functionality.

Chevrolet Silverado Amber Glow

Drenched in a radiant amber finish with intricate flame graphics, this Chevrolet Silverado blazes through the streets with a fiery and fierce presence.

Chevrolet C/K Sunset Glory

With a stunning orange and white paint job and intricate striping, this Chevrolet C/K exudes a retro vibe, perfectly blending classic charm with modern flair.

Chevrolet Silverado Futuristic Elegance

This lowered Chevrolet Silverado combines a futuristic paint job with smooth curves and gleaming rims, creating a show-stopping look for the modern enthusiast.

Chevrolet Silverado Crimson Cruiser

The Chevrolet Silverado Crimson Cruiser flaunts a striking red finish with silver stripes, lowered stance, and custom rims, exuding confidence and style.

Chevrolet C/K Autumn Blaze

Radiating warmth with its rich orange and brown hues, this Chevrolet C/K is the epitome of autumn-inspired beauty, capturing the essence of fall in every gleaming detail.

Chevrolet Silverado Chrome Fusion

Shimmering with a sleek chrome and orange fusion, this Chevrolet Silverado combines high-gloss finishes with bold, modern graphics for an unforgettable visual impact.

Chevrolet Silverado Pink Wave

Waving through the streets with pink and gold striped patterns, this Chevrolet Silverado Pink Wave combines elegance and edge, standing out with its unique design.

Chevrolet Silverado Red Thunder

This Chevrolet Silverado roars with a sleek red paint job, sporty stripes, and custom red rims, making it a true powerhouse of style and performance.

Chevrolet Silverado Urban Blaze

With a dynamic blend of pink, purple, and gold tones, this Chevrolet Silverado Urban Blaze captivates city streets with its bold, graffiti-inspired design.

Chevrolet Silverado Electric Blaze

This Chevrolet Silverado electrifies the night with a dynamic lightning bolt design and glowing orange accents, making it a striking vision under any sky.

Chevrolet Silverado Red Blaze

Bathed in a fiery red finish with golden pinstriping, this Chevrolet Silverado flaunts its custom look with an aggressive stance and dazzling chrome rims, making it a showstopper in any garage.

Chevrolet Silverado Bronze Brilliance

Shining with a captivating bronze hue and sleek, aerodynamic design, this Chevrolet Silverado stands out with its polished look and powerful presence.

Chevrolet Silverado - Blue Inferno

This Chevrolet Silverado, with its sleek silver body and roaring blue flames, lights up the showroom floor, showcasing rugged tires and a polished look ready for any adventure.

Chevrolet Silverado Sunset Mirage

This Chevrolet Silverado boasts a mesmerizing sunset-themed mural, reflecting nature's beauty with vibrant hues and stunning details that make it a true rolling work of art.

Chevrolet Silverado Turquoise Dream

Sporting a sleek turquoise and white color scheme, this Chevrolet Silverado dazzles with oversized custom rims and a sharp, street-ready stance.

Chevrolet C/K Golden Retro

Bringing back the golden age with a rich, metallic finish and classic lines, this Chevrolet C/K mixes vintage charm with modern sophistication.

Chevrolet Silverado Wavy Blaze

A true work of art, this Chevrolet Silverado stands out with its fiery orange paint job and mesmerizing wavy graphics, riding on bold, oversized rims that scream style and power.

Chevrolet Silverado Chrome Dream

A true showstopper, this Chevrolet Silverado gleams with a mirror-like chrome finish and rides on massive, intricately designed rims, making it the ultimate reflection of custom craftsmanship.

Chevrolet Silverado - Hot Rod Classic

Channeling classic hot rod vibes, this Chevrolet Silverado sizzles with a fiery orange paint job and flaming yellow graphics, completed by shiny chrome rims that reflect its blazing personality.

Chevrolet Silverado - Midnight Mirage

This Chevrolet Silverado, draped in a dark, enigmatic color with subtle flame details, cuts a striking figure under the gas station lights, with gold-spoked rims adding a touch of elegance to its fierce look.

Chevrolet Silverado Orange Inferno

This Chevrolet Silverado blazes with fiery orange accents, bold chrome detailing, and aggressive styling, turning every head as it roars down the street.

Chevrolet Silverado Crimson Racer

This Chevrolet Silverado exudes speed and style with its vibrant crimson paint job accented by sleek white racing stripes, all set off by dazzling chrome wheels that sparkle under the lights.

Chevrolet Silverado - City Slicker

Decked out in a glossy two-tone finish of striking emerald and radiant orange, this Chevrolet Silverado stands out on city streets with its sleek, polished look and flamboyant, oversized wheels that demand attention.

Chevrolet C/K Classic Red

Embodying vintage charm, this Chevrolet C/K Classic Red shines with a timeless red and silver paint job, low profile, and polished chrome details.

Chevrolet Silverado Jungle Inferno

This Chevrolet Silverado roars with a vibrant jungle-inspired flame design, combining intense orange and green hues, all while sitting on gleaming custom rims that command attention at any gathering.

Chevrolet C10 - Aqua Classic

Embodying pure retro charm, this Chevrolet C10 sports a smooth aqua paint job with classic striping and polished chrome details, making it a head-turner at any classic car meet.

Chevrolet Silverado - Golden Elegance

This Chevrolet Silverado dazzles with its pristine white body adorned with elegant gold accents and opulent gold-spoked rims, making it the epitome of luxury and sophistication on wheels.

Chevrolet Silverado - Purple Thunder

A beast on the streets, this Chevrolet Silverado roars with a striking purple body, rugged off-road tires, and an aggressive hood scoop, making it a true thunderstorm of style and power.

Chevrolet Silverado - Tropical Flames

This Chevrolet Silverado is ablaze with a dynamic flame design in bold orange and green, riding high on gleaming chrome wheels that scream for attention amidst the urban jungle.

Chevrolet Silverado - Mountain Masterpiece

Styled to blend in with nature yet stand out on the road, this Chevrolet Silverado boasts a rugged, outdoor-themed paint job featuring mountain scenes and a tough front bumper, ready for any off-road adventure.

Chevrolet Silverado - Jungle Inferno

This Chevrolet Silverado roars with a vibrant jungle-inspired flame design, combining intense orange and green hues, all while sitting on gleaming custom rims that command attention at any gathering.

Chevrolet Silverado - Golden Elegance

Dressed to impress, this Chevrolet Silverado gleams with a sleek white and gold exterior, topped off with glitzy gold wheels, turning everyday drives into a stylish affair.

Chevrolet C10 - Red Chrome Legend

A stunning blend of vintage and modern, this Chevrolet C10 dazzles with its red chrome body and flawless reflective surfaces, capturing the essence of classic car culture in a vibrant, luxurious package.

Chevrolet C10 - Mint Marvel

This Chevrolet C10 stands out with its refreshing mint green finish, accented by stylish brown stripes and matching wheels, bringing a retro flair with a modern twist to any car show.

Chevrolet C10 - Aqua Flame

This Chevrolet C10 sizzles with a unique aqua paint job accented by sleek brown flames and matching wheels, creating a retro masterpiece that stands out at any car show.

Chevrolet Silverado - Red Royalty

This Chevrolet Silverado reigns supreme with its luxurious red and gold striped finish, dazzling gold rims, and custom front bumper, making it the crown jewel of any automotive collection.

Chevrolet El Camino - Sky Blue Classic

A timeless beauty, this Chevrolet El Camino blends the elegance of a classic car with the utility of a pickup, boasting a stunning sky blue and white finish that harks back to the golden age of American automobiles.

Chevrolet 3100 - Retro Stripes

This Chevrolet 3100 is a timeless beauty with its gleaming red and gold striped design, perfectly complementing its chrome accents and showcasing a flawless blend of vintage aesthetics and modern craftsmanship.