Rake in Cash with Your Truck: 20 Easy Side Hustles

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Got a pickup truck sitting idle? It's time to put that bad boy to work and start raking in the dough! We've got 20 killer ways for you to make money with your truck without the hassle of starting a full-blown business. Let's get truckin'!

1. Deliver Furniture or Help with Moves

Moving is the pits, but you can be the hero with your truck! Offer affordable delivery and moving services to households and businesses. Help them avoid throwing out their backs or trashing Grandma's antique armoire. Easy money!

2. Haul Junk and Scrap

One person's trash is another's cash! Make rounds picking up junky stuff like busted appliances, scrap metal, or construction debris. They get rid of an eyesore, and you get paid! Win-win.

3. Landscaping Services on Wheels

With a truck bed full of mulch, soil, or sod, you're ready to get landscaping! Mow lawns, rake leaves, plant trees and flowers. Homeowners and offices will happily pay you to keep their spaces looking sharp.

4. Wrap It Up with Ads

Why just drive around when you could be a rolling billboard? Get companies to wrap your truck with their ads and logos. You'll make passive income just running errands!

5. Deliver All the Things

From Amazon packages to Chipotle burritos, delivery apps need drivers like you! Sign up for gigs like Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, DoorDash and get paid to play messenger.

6. Auction Item Retrieval

The auctioneer just yelled "SOLD!" to the highest bidder...who can't get that 10-foot sofa out to their car. That's where you come in! Help winning bidders take their prizes home for a nice little fee.

7. Salvage Superhero

Demolition and construction crews need your truck to haul away salvageable materials that are too good for the dump. Scoop up quality lumber, bricks, fixtures and more to resell for profit.

8. Firewood Hauler

When winter rolls around, everyone needs to stack up on firewood. Gather logs from foresters or tree services and peddle ready-to-burn firewood door-to-door. Bonus points for chopping it into bundles yourself!

9. Truck Storage Rentals

Why buy a giant van when you've got a huge truck bed? Rent it out to movers and DIYers for transporting awkwardly shaped items that won't fit compactly. They get space, you get paid!

10. Holiday Decor Setup Crew

Dragging out tangled Christmas lights and frosty snowmen decorations is nobody's idea of fun. Make bank doing decorating installations for homes and businesses with your trusty truck's hauling power.

11. Mobile Car Washers/Detailers

Who wants to sit at a dingy car wash vacuum? Take your detailing supplies on the road! A shiny, fresh-smelling car delivered right to their door? Yes please, they'll happily pay you.

12. Roadside Assistance Angel

A flat tire or dead battery can quickly ruin someone's day. Keep basic supplies in your truck to offer roadside assistance like jumps, tire changes and towing for drivers in distress.

13. Snow Removal Squad

When winter storms hit, neighborhoods need a plow hero! Stock up on shovels and ice melt to clear driveways, walkways, parking lots and more. People will happily fork over cash to avoid back-breaking labor.

14. Handyman/Repair Services

Get mobile with your truck's storage capabilities! Load it up with tools and supplies to operate as an on-call handyman, plumber, electrician or repair person offering house calls.

15. Rec Vehicle Transporter

Have truck, will travel! From dinged-up jet skis to deer-beaten ATVs, you can haul recreational rides and big adventure toys to and from repair shops, storage units and trails. Grab that niche market!

16. Mobile Charity Pickup Service

Team up with local charities, non-profits and thrift stores to pick up donated items from homes with your truck. They get the goods, you get a fee or a cut of the proceeds.

17. Farm & Ranch Work

Put that truck to work out on the farm! Haul hay, transport livestock, run errands and help out with chores. Farmers and ranchers need a reliable ride and a extra set of hands.

18. Hot Shot Delivery Driver

Get paid good money to make quick, urgent hotshot deliveries of things like equipment parts, medical supplies or time-sensitive shipments that need to be transported ASAP in your truck.

19. Mobile Mechanic

Don't just fix cars in a shop - take your mechanic skills on the road! Keep parts and tools in your truck to make house calls for basic repairs and maintenance.

20. Party Equipment Rental

Stock your truck bed with folding tables, chairs, tents, games and other party rental gear. Get gigs setting up and breaking down events in your local area.

There you have it - 25 awesome ways to turn your truck into a money-printing machine. No fancy business plans required! Just pick a gig, throw it in drive, and start stacking that cash. What's the hold up? Get truckin' already!