Never Do This When Modifying Your Pickup Truck

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Modifying a pickup truck can be like walking a tightrope over a pool of used motor oil. It can either lead to a show-stopping ride or a cringe-worthy mechanical faux pas.

Truck lovers often feel the irresistible urge to personalize their vehicles, but it's a slippery slope. One wrong move can lead to a pickup that turns heads for all the wrong reasons.

Customization is an art, and with pickup trucks, there's a fine line between adding that personal flair and turning your truck into an over-chromed, lowered nightmare that even a monster truck rally would shy away from.

They might think their truck will be the next internet sensation, but let's face it, not all modifications are created equal.

So whatever you do, don't make the following modification mistakes!

1. Turning It Into a Lowrider: The Pothole Magnet

Imagine cruising down the street, your pickup so low you're practically part of the asphalt. Sounds cool, right? Until you hit the first pothole and suddenly you're closer to a pancake than a vehicle. Lowering your truck might give it that sleek look, but remember, this isn't a sports car. The essence of a pickup is utility and ruggedness, not scraping the road on every speed bump.

2. Excessive LED Lights: The UFO Encounter

Adding a few LED bars can be practical for night-time off-roading or work. But when your truck starts to resemble a UFO more than a vehicle, it might be time to dial it back. There's a fine line between being visible and blinding everyone in a five-mile radius. Remember, you want to turn heads, not cause retina damage.

3. Monster Truck Tires: The Gas Guzzler's Dream

Sure, monster truck tires can make your pickup look like it's ready to crush cars and jump over buses. However, unless you're actually planning to do that, these behemoths will just guzzle gas and make parking a nightmare. Plus, navigating city streets can feel like steering a battleship through a creek. Keep the monster tires for the monster truck rallies.

4. Loud Exhaust Systems: The Neighborhood Wake-Up Call

A throaty exhaust note can be music to a gearhead's ears. But there's a decibel level at which it stops being a symphony and starts being a public nuisance. If your exhaust system is so loud that it sets off car alarms and wakes up the neighborhood, you might be overdoing it. Remember, it's about having a presence, not causing a disturbance.

5. Overdoing the Chrome: The Mobile Disco Ball

A little chrome can add some nice bling to your truck, highlighting features and adding to its rugged appeal. But cover it in too much chrome, and you risk turning your ride into a mobile disco ball. The sun reflecting off your truck shouldn't be capable of signaling astronauts in space. Aim for tasteful, not reflective.

6. Massive Lift Kits: The Ladder Required

Lifting your truck can give it a more dominant presence and improve off-road capability. However, when you need a ladder to get in, you might have gone too far. Not only does it make it inconvenient for daily use, but it can also impact the truck's handling and safety. Keep the lift sensible unless you plan on parachuting out.

Modifying your pickup truck is an art form, a way to express your personality and meet your needs. Just remember, with great power (and torque) comes great responsibility. Aim for modifications that enhance both form and function, and you'll steer clear of being a cautionary tale on the customization highway.