The Most Premium Pickup Models Anyone Can Own

The most expensive pickup truck models you could actually own
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

You think your truck is nice? These ridiculously luxurious pickups will make you want to empty your bank account and go totally broke.

We're talking massage seats, premium leather, wood trim and tech that puts your living room to shame. But the real kicker? The sticker prices are just insane.

Brace yourself for truck models that cost as much as a house down payment. You've been warned!

Rezvani Hercules 6x6

  • Price Range: Starting at $225,000
  • General Info: The Rezvani Hercules 6x6 is a behemoth in the pickup truck world, combining military-inspired design with luxurious features. It's not just the six wheels that set it apart; it's also the customizability, including engine options that soar up to a 1,300 horsepower 7.0-liter V8. With its 2020 introduction, the Hercules 6x6 doesn't have a long production history yet, but each model is built to order, making it as exclusive as it is expensive.

Ram 1500 Limited

  • Price Range: Starting from $60,000
  • General Info: The Ram 1500 Limited is the epitome of luxury in the Ram lineup, offering an unparalleled mix of comfort and capability. With features like a 12-inch touchscreen, active-level four-corner air suspension, and premium leather upholstery, the Ram 1500 Limited appeals to those who demand the best. Its strong resale value is a testament to its quality and the high regard in which it's held.

Ford F-150 Limited

  • Price Range: Up to $70,000 for the latest models
  • General Info: The Ford F-150 has been America's best-selling vehicle for decades, and the Limited trim is the pinnacle of luxury in the F-150 lineup. With production years spanning several decades, the F-150 Limited offers advanced technology, premium materials, and powerful engine options, including a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. Its resale value remains high, reflecting the truck's enduring popularity and the premium features it offers.

GMC Sierra 1500 Denali

  • Price Range: Around $70,000 for top configurations
  • General Info: The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali represents the peak of luxury in the Sierra lineup. With production ongoing, the Denali trim features exclusive styling, a refined interior, and advanced technology. The Sierra Denali not only serves as a capable work truck but also as a symbol of sophistication and strength. Its resale value is commendably high, thanks to the brand's reputation for durability and luxury.

Tesla Cybertruck (Tri-Motor AWD)

  • Price Range: Estimated starting price around $69,900
  • General Info: The Tesla Cybertruck breaks the mold of traditional pickup design with its futuristic aesthetic and electric powertrain. The top-tier Tri-Motor AWD variant promises unmatched performance with over 500 miles of range on a single charge. While production has faced delays, the Cybertruck has garnered a massive following and reservations, indicating its potential impact on the pickup truck market and its likely high resale value.

These models represent the pinnacle of luxury, performance, and innovation in the pickup truck segment. They not only serve their practical purpose but also stand as symbols of automotive excellence and technological advancement. Whether it's for their unparalleled capabilities, their luxurious features, or their groundbreaking designs, these trucks have secured their place as some of the most expensive and coveted vehicles on the road.