9 Little-Known Pickup Truck Museums Worth the Road Trip

Some are a bit of a detour, but all are more than worth it if you love trucks.
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

For those who live and breathe all things trucks, a visit to these pickup museums around the world is a must. Whether your passion lies with vintage workhorses that wore their miles with pride or the latest off-road-conquering behemoths, these automotive temples have something to satisfy every truck lover's craving. Let's hit the road and explore some shrines that will leave even the most die-hard fans awestruck.

1. Smithson International Truck Museum - Rimbey Alberta, Canada

If you're a diehard International Harvester fanatic, this place is your mecca. The Smithson International Truck Museum boasts the most complete collection of International 1/2-ton trucks on the planet. Prepare to geek out over pristine pickups from the 1920s all the way up to the last model that rolled off the line.

2. Petersen Automotive Museum - Los Angeles, California

Dubbed one of the coolest auto museums by influencers, the Petersen is an unmissable stop for any pickup fan visiting La La Land. Their collection spans over 100 years of truck history, including mint classic Ford F-Series, beastly Power Wagons, and even futuristic electric truck concepts. The exhibits are as sleek as the vehicles themselves.

(youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=vYlVRNNdYA4)

3. LeMay - America's Car Museum - Tacoma, Washington

America's Car Museum takes you on a journey through pickup evolution with over 350 trucks on display. From a 1926 Ford Model T pickup to modern heavy-duty haulers, this place has it all under one roof. The real showstoppers? Immaculate vintage Chevrolet and Dodge work trucks that look like they just left the factory.

4. Henry Ford Museum - Dearborn, Michigan

The Henry Ford Museum is a must-pilgrimage for any self-respecting auto enthusiast. While its car collection gets most of the fame, the truck exhibits are just as impressive. Ogle over preserved Ford pickups from the 1920s through the 1960s, many still bearing the patina of hard, honest work. Even urban explorers will dig the weathered, abandoned trucks.

5. National Automobile Museum - Reno, Nevada

Vegas is overrated - the real Nevada hotspot for truck aficionados is Reno's National Automobile Museum. Step back in time and surround yourself with gleaming pre-war Fords, Chevys, Dodges and more, all in mesmerizingly unmolested original condition. If you're lucky, you might even spot a restored 1935 International truck that was unearthed after sitting in a Nevada mine for decades!

6. Nissan Nismo Heritage Museum - Yokohama, Japan

Leave it to the Japanese to go totally over-the-top with their museum dedication. Nissan's Nismo Heritage Museum is a high-octane homage to their most legendary performance vehicles - including a replica 1935 Datsun 16 Truck, one of only three originals made! This temple of tuners is nirvana for JDM truck nuts.

7. Éktőr ScrappyPickup Museum - Budapest, Hungary

Quirky Hungarian artist Éktőr has assembled one of the most unique automotive museums on earth. His bizarre ScrappyPickup Museum is filled with hand-crafted "vehicles" cobbled together from random scrap, machine parts and debris. Forget million-dollar trailer queens, this place celebrates the funky and unconventional!

8. Walter P. Chrysler Museum - Auburn Hills, Michigan

You know that old saying "You can look, but you can't touch"? Screw that! At the Walter P. Chrysler Museum, you can actually get up close and personal with their trucks. Yes, you read that right - they actually let visitors sit in and explore select vehicles from their immaculate vintage pickup collection. Talk about an immersive experience!

9. National Automobile Museum Mühlenbeck - Mühlenbeck, Germany

Over in the German countryside, this unassuming automobile museum has staked its claim as having one of the world's finest pickup truck exhibits. Their showcase of mint European utility trucks from manufacturers like Hanomag, Opel, and Mercedes is simply unrivaled. Rust-free embodiments of German engineering at its finest!

Regardless of which stop on this pickup pilgrimage you choose, one thing is certain - your inner gearhead will be doing donuts with delight. Start mapping out your road trip to these shrines of sheetmetal today!