7 Surprising Facts About the Nissan Frontier You Didn't Know

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Nissan's Frontier has long been an underrated player in the mid-size truck segment, offering rugged capability and value. But the all-new 2022 model brings some truly impressive strengths and innovations that put it squarely back in contention with class leaders like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. Here are seven facts about the new Frontier that may surprise you:

7. It Has Best-in-Class Power

With 310 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque from its potent 3.8L V6, the 2022 Frontier leads all gas rivals in horsepower and torque output. That's some serious mid-size muscle. This robust powertrain ensures that the Frontier delivers strong acceleration and performance in various driving conditions, whether you're navigating city streets or tackling off-road trails. The impressive power output also enhances the truck's towing and hauling capabilities, making it a versatile choice for both work and play. The 3.8L V6 engine's advanced design and engineering provide a smooth and responsive driving experience, setting a new benchmark for power in the mid-size truck segment.

6. The Pro-4X is a Legit Off-Road Monster

Don't sleep on the Frontier Pro-4X's trail prowess. It packs an electronic locking differential, Bilstein off-road shocks, skid plates, and up to 9.8 inches of ground clearance for tackling gnarly terrain. These off-road enhancements make the Pro-4X a formidable vehicle on challenging trails, providing the traction, stability, and protection needed to navigate rough landscapes. The electronic locking differential ensures that power is evenly distributed to the wheels, enhancing grip on slippery or uneven surfaces. The Bilstein shocks and skid plates add durability and resilience, allowing the Frontier Pro-4X to handle the toughest off-road conditions with ease. This makes the Pro-4X an excellent choice for adventure enthusiasts who demand top-tier off-road performance straight from the factory.

5. Its Towing/Hauling Ratings Impress

Despite its mid-size dimensions, the Frontier can handle adult-sized towing and hauling tasks with a max 6,720 lb towing capacity and 1,610 lb payload rating when properly equipped. These impressive towing and payload capacities make the Frontier a practical and capable truck for a wide range of tasks, from transporting heavy equipment to towing recreational vehicles. The Frontier's strong chassis and robust powertrain ensure that it can manage these demanding tasks with confidence and ease. This versatility makes the Frontier an excellent choice for both professional and recreational use, providing the capability needed to get the job done without sacrificing maneuverability or comfort.

4. It Rides Like a Much Larger Truck

Thanks to its fully-boxed ladder frame and beefed-up suspension components, the new Frontier delivers a planted, confident ride quality that belies its mid-size footprint. The solid construction and enhanced suspension system provide a stable and smooth ride, even when carrying heavy loads or driving on rough terrain. The fully-boxed ladder frame enhances the truck's structural integrity, reducing flex and improving overall handling. This results in a driving experience that feels more like a full-size truck, offering a comfortable and controlled ride that is rare in the mid-size segment. Whether you're driving on the highway or navigating off-road trails, the Frontier's ride quality ensures a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

3. It Offers Genuine Innovation

The Frontier brings some truly novel features like the Utili-track bed channel system for securing cargo, a 120V power outlet in the bed, and an ingenious rear cab access from the bed. These innovative features enhance the Frontier's practicality and versatility, making it easier to manage and transport cargo. The Utili-track system allows for flexible and secure cargo management, while the 120V power outlet provides a convenient power source for tools and equipment. The rear cab access feature adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to access the cab from the bed without having to go around the truck. These thoughtful features demonstrate Nissan's commitment to innovation and user-friendly design, providing solutions that enhance the truck's functionality and ease of use.

2. It's Available With Wireless Apple CarPlay

Most trucks lack the latest tech, but the Frontier offers niceties like wireless Apple CarPlay and a crisp 9-inch touchscreen display to give it a premium, modern vibe. The wireless Apple CarPlay feature allows you to seamlessly connect your iPhone to the truck's infotainment system without the need for cables, providing easy access to navigation, music, and communication apps. The large touchscreen display offers a clear and intuitive interface, making it easy to control the system and access various functions. These advanced tech features enhance the driving experience, providing convenience, connectivity, and entertainment for both the driver and passengers. The inclusion of modern technology in the Frontier sets it apart from competitors, offering a premium feel that enhances its overall appeal.

1. Its Interior is Genuinely Upscale

Open the door and the Frontier's cabin looks and feels downright luxurious with available leather, heated seats/steering wheel, and tasteful interior appointments that shame some competitors. The high-quality materials and attention to detail create an inviting and comfortable environment, making every drive more enjoyable. Features like heated seats and a heated steering wheel add an extra layer of comfort, especially during colder months. The tasteful interior design and premium appointments elevate the Frontier's cabin to a level that rivals some luxury vehicles. This focus on comfort and quality ensures that the Frontier provides a superior driving experience, whether you're on a long road trip or a short commute.

From its class-leading power and towing capability to its advanced tech features and upscale, spacious cabin, the all-new Nissan Frontier brings a wealth of pleasant surprises to the mid-size truck battle. It's a true segment-shaker loaded with innovation and refinement. The Frontier's combination of robust performance, innovative features, and premium comfort makes it a standout choice in the mid-size truck market. Whether you need a capable work vehicle, a comfortable daily driver, or an adventure-ready off-roader, the Frontier delivers on all fronts, redefining what a mid-size truck can offer.