Pickup Truck Designs That (Unfortunately) Never Made It To Production

These truck designs could have been icons but were never made.
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

These incredible pickup truck design sketches never made it to production — unfortunately.

Whether you're into the vintage Americana vibes of a classic '50s hauler, the rugged capability of an off-road behemoth, or the sleek aerodynamics of a retro-futuristic concept car, this collection has something to fuel your truck fantasies.

In a different world, these could have been icons!

Let's see which designs never made the cut, sometimes because they're just too cool for the world.

Could they've been made today? What do you think?

16. Classic Pickup with a Sunset Splash

This pickup truck concept conjures up the essence of classic Americana with a whimsical sunset paint job that blends fiery oranges with calming blues. Its design, while not attributed to any specific make or model, hints at vintage lines that one might find on storied brands from the '50s, capturing the spirit of a bygone era with modern flair.

15. Vintage Workhorse Reimagined

With its strong, squared shoulders and a two-tone color scheme that's as earthy as it is sophisticated, this concept pickup evokes the sturdy design features characteristic of mid-20th century utility vehicles, reimagined for the contemporary eye.

14. Retro Rod in Sunset Orange

Bold and unapologetic, this concept sketch features a pickup with a hot-rod inspiration, wearing a vibrant sunset orange that could've been a classic color choice for the muscle cars of the '60s. It's a tribute to the era when pickups started to flaunt their performance as much as their utility.

13. Midnight Cruiser Concept

Low, sleek, and wrapped in a mysterious shade of purple, this pickup truck concept borrows from the luxury playbooks of the '50s cruisers. It's the kind of truck that would turn heads at a nighttime boulevard cruise, its chrome accents catching the neon glow of a retro diner's sign.

12. Off-Road Behemoth Sketch

This sketch portrays a pickup truck designed for the wilderness, its beefy off-road tires and lifted stance suggesting a lineage that includes the rugged adventurers from brands known for their prowess on untamed trails.

11. Blue Flame Classic

Here's a pickup that's all about speed, styled with a flame motif that races across its body. The vivid blue and orange hues channel the thrill of classic speedsters, while the sleek side profile could easily be a nod to the streamlined designs of performance-focused models from the '50s and '60s.

10. Autumn Hauler Illustration

Capturing the essence of a crisp, autumn day, this pickup truck illustration marries the rustic charm of a farm-ready hauler with a side of sportiness, reflected in its dynamic stance and a color palette that takes cues from the changing leaves.

9. Golden Era Pickup Design

This golden-brown concept sketch harks back to the pickup designs of the early '50s, its smooth curves and lowered body channeling the essence of an era when trucks began to embrace a more aerodynamic and consumer-friendly aesthetic.

8. Sunset Boulevard Dream

This trio of sketches showcases a pickup concept that could've rolled straight off Sunset Boulevard in a nostalgic haze, complete with a streamlined design and a paint job that mimics the golden hour glow.

7. Retro-Futuristic Rocket

Like a blast from a retro-futuristic past, this car melds classic '50s extravagance with rocket-age styling, its chrome tails ready to launch dreams into the stratosphere of imagination.

6. Urban Explorer Sketch

Rugged and ready, this concept pickup is sketched with the urban explorer in mind, boasting an aggressive stance and off-road tires that suggest it can tackle the untamed concrete jungle.

5. Orange Flame Classic

Bathed in the warm glow of a setting sun, this pickup concept sizzles with an orange flame design, evoking the hot rod era's passion for speed and spectacle.

4. Modern Muscle Concept

With aggressive lines and a bold stance, this concept brings a touch of modern muscle to the pickup scene, its design language speaking in growls and roars of an engine unseen but imagined.

3. Electric Sunset Cruiser

Here's a pickup concept that's plugged into the future, its electric design vibes and sunset-inspired paint job hinting at silent cruises down neon-lit boulevards of tomorrow.

2. Dusk 'Til Dawn Custom Cruiser

This sketch captures the essence of customization, blending a vintage pickup body with an aerodynamic twist and a color palette that's as moody as dusk yet as warm as dawn. The lowered suspension and high-polished rims are the cherries on top, giving it a stance that's as confident as a street-savvy hustler.

1. Desert Drifter Concept

Here's a pickup that looks like it's been kissed by the desert sun, with a warm, orange glow and an effortlessly cool blue trim. Its lowered profile and custom bodywork give it a stance that's ready to drift through the sandy plains or cruise along a beachfront boulevard.