Most Velvety Purple Truck Custom Jobs We've Ever Seen

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Each of these masterpieces shouts elegance. Cloaked in shades of regal purple, this is not a common color on trucks. But it sure as hell looks great!

Chevrolet Pickup - Purple Flame

The classic lines of this Chevrolet pickup truck are accentuated by a deep purple paint job, with white-hot flames licking the sides, giving it an appearance that’s both vintage and fiery.

Chevrolet Pickup - Purple Passion

This Chevrolet pickup truck boasts a glossy purple coat adorned with orange and red flames, complementing its streamlined bodywork and making a bold statement of retro-modern fusion.

Chevrolet Silverado - Lavender Luxury

With a mirror-like lavender finish, this Chevrolet Silverado glistens in the sunlight, showcasing a seamless blend of luxurious flair and formidable on-road presence.

Toyota Tacoma - Purple Majesty

The Toyota Tacoma stands out with its regal purple hue and aggressive lifted stance, encapsulating a majestic road presence that commands attention.

Ford F-150 - Violet Vanguard

The Ford F-150 shines in an electric violet, sporting custom rims that match its body, epitomizing a blend of high performance and striking aesthetics.

Toyota Tacoma - Amethyst Adventurer

This Toyota Tacoma, cloaked in a vibrant amethyst shade, is outfitted for the adventurous at heart, ready to tackle both urban landscapes and rugged trails.

Chevrolet Colorado - Midnight Purple

Bathed in the ethereal light of dusk, this Chevrolet Colorado’s sleek midnight purple silhouette reflects an air of mystery and sophistication.

Chevrolet Pickup - Plum Perfection

Nestled against a serene backdrop, this Chevrolet pickup truck dazzles with its plum perfection, a true masterpiece combining classic design with modern finesse.