7 Most Riduculous Myths People Still Believe About Pickup Trucks

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

You might think of pickup trucks as the Swiss Army knives of vehicles, always ready for an off-road adventure or a trip to the furniture store.

While they do wear many hats their reputation is often clouded by tall tales as thick as the mud they slog through.

Contrary to popular belief, today's trucks aren't just gas-guzzling beasts of burden. Thanks to modern engineering magic, these vehicular titans are more efficient and versatile than the myths would have you believe.

So grab a wrench and get ready to dismantle some of these antiquated notions.

Key takeaways:

  • Modern pickup trucks defy the outdated myths about their efficiency and functionality.
  • Technological advancements have enhanced the versatility and durability of pickup trucks.
  • The appeal of pickup trucks goes beyond gender stereotypes, appealing to all who value practicality and performance.

7. 'Pickup Trucks Are Unsafe'

So you've heard that pickups are just big, tough chunks of metal without a hint of the techy stuff that makes cars and SUVs safe?

Let's turn that myth on its tailgate!

Your beloved pickups are now loaded with the same fancy safety dances as their four-wheeled cousins. Think stability control that keeps you glued to the road like a stubborn sticker, anti-lock brakes that don't quit on you, and more airbags than at a birthday balloon bash.

  • Stability Control: Keeps you steady as a table, even when the road throws a tantrum.
  • Anti-Lock Brakes: Lets you stop on a dime, minus the screech concert.
  • Airbags: Ready to poof out like a surprise party in a crash.

Truck vs. the rest: the safety showdown

When sizing up your pickup against the car and SUV gang, it's not just a heavy-weight bout of who's got more muscle. Sure, trucks come with a rugged charm and a build like a tank, but they're not the schoolyard bullies some think they are.

  • Sturdy Frames: Built tough, trucks handle bumps like they're nibbling on snacks.
  • Crash Tests: They've gone nose-to-nose with walls, and many came out with little more than a scratch.

While some crash exams have thrown curveballs at trucks, it's about as fair as saying all desserts are bad because you once had a lousy cheesecake. It's all about the individual recipe, or in this case, the truck model. So, let's raise a toast to safety – may your rides be as secure as a pickle jar at a picnic!

6. 'Pickup Trucks Are Fuel Inefficient Gas Guzzling Machines'

Hey, you!

Yes, you, staring down that shiny pickup in the lot; guess what?

They're not the fuel chompers they once were.

Thanks to some snazzy tech-talk and engineering wizardry, pickups like the Ford F-150 Lightning are serving up to 66 MPGe. Not impressed yet?

How about the Ford Maverick Hybrid whispering sweet nothings to your wallet with 37 mpg combined?

That's right, amigos, these beasts are sipping fuel like a sommelier sampling fine wine—gracefully and economically.

5. 'Pickup Trucks Can Handle Anything You Throw At It'

Alright, you might think your truck is the Hercules of haulage, but let's set the record straight on its towing chops. Think of towing capacity not as a suggestion but as the hard-and-fast max weight your four-wheeled beast can safely drag around.

It's not just a number pulled out of a hat—it's a carefully calculated figure from the folks who built your ride.

Sure, go ahead and slap on some fancy suspension bits if you fancy, but it won't bump up that all-important towing figure. Overstep this boundary, and you're flirting with a breakdown dance you don't want to lead.

The lowdown on payload

Onto payload, which is not the latest buzzword for your pockets but the weight your truck can lug without breaking a sweat—or a spring. It includes everything, from your buddy riding shotgun to the kitchen sink you're hauling in the back.

And hey, before you go loading it up like a Tetris champ, remember that tricking out your suspension is great for smooth sailing but won't let you carry the weight of the world on your truck bed. Overpacking is a no-no; unless you're fond of hefty repair bills and warranty woes.

4. 'Pickup Trucks Are Made from Inferior Materials'

Think your truck's tougher than a tank because it's got that military-grade aluminum?

Hold your horses!

Sure, it meets some heavy-duty standards, but it isn’t invincible. Steel is still the main squeeze for many a truck part – it's like that old, reliable friend who’s not flashy but gets the job done.

Take the Ford F-150, sporting a mix of both - aluminum saves on gas, and steel holds down the fort.

Now, let’s chat about when toughness ties the knot with techy know-how. It's not just about being as strong as a Ram 3500; it's about brains too!

Think of it this way: your truck has a tech-shield against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – or just a crowded parking lot.

With fancy features from smart towing to collision avoidance, your ride isn't just brawny – it's practically a roadside genius!

Fancy Features:

  • Got something heavy, like maybe a small planet? Smarter towing systems to the rescue.
  • Tailgates that open with a gentle nudge – because no one likes a tailgate that plays hard to get.
  • Tires armed with sensors – they'll squeal before they let you take that turn too sharply.

Your truck's tech is like a co-pilot with a Ph.D. in Keeping Your Truck Minty Fresh.

3. 'All Pickup Trucks Have the Same Drivetrain Capabilities'

Bet you thought all four-wheel drives were created equal, right? Nope, not even close.

Part-time 4WD is like that friend who only shows up when you have pizza – great for an off-road bash now and then.

You flip a switch, and bam, you go from cruising on two wheels to a full-blown four-wheel fiesta.

Then there's the full-time 4WD, the ride-or-die pal that's always got your back, or in this case, all your wheels, powering through any terrain without a break.

Just remember, even with 4WD, you're not a superhero; those icy roads can still send you slip-sliding away if you're not careful.

Diesel engines: more than just a rumble

Onto those burly diesel engines – they've got more torque than a twist-off beer cap battle on game day.

It's this grunt that lets you haul your boat, your trailer, or even a rival sports team's mascot if that's your jam.

Sure, diesel may sound like a cranky bear in the morning, but modern diesel trucks have put a sock in it.

They're as hushed as a librarian and cleaner than your laundry on Sunday.

And while horsepower is cool and all, it's torque that gives you the oomph to get moving.

Just imagine the truck's torque being the bouncer that gets the party started at "Club Acceleration."

Keep in mind that while the drivetrain and engine talk is serious business, it's also prime material for a few friendly truck jokes at the next backyard BBQ. Just don't forget the punchline; a good chuckle goes a long way when you're geeking out over pickup specs.

2. 'Pickup Trucks Offer Limited Customization Options'

You wouldn't wear shoes that hurt, right? Same goes for pimping out your truck—choose upgrades that feel right.

Sure, slapping on some enormous wheels might make your truck look like a boss, but will they really help when you're just fetching groceries?

Upgrades like a truck cap might save your luggage from a surprise rain dance, and tool boxes can stop your gear from playing hide and seek. But remember, with each shiny new add-on, your wallet could feel a tad lighter.

Size matters: when less is a whole lot more

Thinking of turning your truck into a skyscraper on wheels? Hold your horses. That mega truck might feed your ego, but it'll starve your gas tank.

A lean, mean GMC Canyon can do the daily chores without guzzling gas like it's going out of fashion.

Plus, ever tried wedging a beast like a Ram 3500 into a tiny parking spot? It's about as easy as threading a needle while riding a roller coaster. So before signing up for monster truck madness, consider how these big toys fit into your everyday hustle.

1. 'Pickup Trucks Are Just for Men'

You've probably heard the yarn spun around town: pickup trucks are the ultimate man caves on wheels. Well, buckle up, buttercup, because that dusty old tale is getting a fresh coat of paint. Did you know driving these beasts isn't just a boys' club activity?

Who's driving?

  • The Gents: Historically, they've cornered the market on rumbling engines and truck beds.
  • The Ladies: Hold onto your hat - a growing legion of gals are flexing their driving muscles, steering these prized possessions as well.

Versatility – the name of the truck game

  • Move over, one-trick ponies! Pickup trucks are strutting their stuff beyond the job site.
  • They’re conquering hearts as family chariots, urban road warriors, and emblems of self-reliance that would make any cowboy or girl proud.

Caught in the old current that pickups are just for dudes with a penchant for power tools? Let’s toss that thought in the rearview mirror. Trucks have rolled past gender boundaries. Next time you see a pickup cruising by, don't be shocked if the person enjoying the ride is a queen of the concrete jungle. Turns out, pickup trucks are anyone’s game if you appreciate a blend of brawn and brains on four wheels.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it. Know anyone that still believes one of these ridiculous myths? Share this post with them, and let's hope they wake up to reality: trucks are ready for the future as much as anything.