Annual Pickup Truck Festivals Worth the Road Trip

These awesome truck festivals will have you packing up and hitting the highway
Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

We've rounded up the top 10 pickup truck festivals across North America that are totally worth hitting the road for. From classic truck showcases to massive trucking trade shows, these events are a gearhead's dream. Gas up and get ready to cruise - these festivals are unmissable for any true truck enthusiast!

10. Mid-America Trucking Show (March, Louisville, KY)

The Mid-America Trucking Show is the largest annual trade show dedicated to the heavy-duty trucking industry. It offers a chance to see the latest trucks, products, and services. A must-attend event for truck enthusiasts. Held every March in Louisville, KY, this show attracts thousands of attendees and exhibitors, making it a key event for anyone involved in the trucking industry.

9. Carlisle Truck Nationals (August, Carlisle, PA)

Be a part of one of the largest and most action-packed truck events in the world! See lifted, lowered, classic, and antique trucks at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Held in August, the Carlisle Truck Nationals offer a vibrant mix of entertainment, competitions, and a massive display of trucks, making it a highlight for truck fans and families alike.

8. Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show (June, St. Ignace, MI)

The Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show celebrates its 28th year with live music, silent auctions, vendors, and semi-trucks galore! A weekend you won't want to miss. Taking place in June in St. Ignace, MI, this event is a tribute to the legacy of Richard Crane and a gathering of beautifully maintained and customized trucks.

7. Florida Truck Meet (January, Palmetto, FL)

Dubbed the largest truck show in the world, the Florida Truck Meet is a must-visit for truck enthusiasts. Display your truck in the official show and shine area or simply enjoy the spectacle. Held in January in Palmetto, FL, this event is known for its massive attendance and incredible variety of trucks on display.

6. Antique Truck Club of America Truck Show (May, Location TBA)

The Antique Truck Club of America hosts its 44th Annual National Meet, featuring trucks big and small. Expect good folks, good food, and plenty of truck parts at this iconic event. Scheduled for May, with the location to be announced, this show is a must for those who appreciate the history and preservation of antique trucks.

5. Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival (June, Butler, PA)

The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival is a Jeep-exclusive event celebrating the iconic brand's rich history. A must-attend for Jeep enthusiasts. Held in June in Butler, PA, the birthplace of the Jeep, this festival features off-road trails, Jeep parades, and a gathering of Jeep fans from all over the country.

4. Food Truck Festivals of America (Various Locations)

Food Truck Festivals of America produces food truck and craft beer festivals across the US, featuring dozens of local food trucks and breweries. A culinary adventure for foodies and truck lovers alike. These events are held throughout the year in various locations, offering a unique combination of gourmet food and craft beer in a vibrant, outdoor setting.

3. Truck Show Podcast Pickup Truck and Jeep Event Calendar

The Truck Show Podcast maintains a comprehensive calendar of North American truck and Jeep events that matter this year, including the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. This calendar is an invaluable resource for enthusiasts looking to stay updated on all the significant truck and Jeep events across the continent.

2. Macungie Antique Truck Show (August, Macungie, PA)

Hosted by the Antique Truck Club of America, the Macungie Antique Truck Show is a must-visit for classic truck enthusiasts, featuring a wide array of vintage trucks and related activities. Held every August in Macungie, PA, this show is renowned for its impressive display of antique trucks and the camaraderie among truck collectors and fans.

1. Great American Truck Show (August, Dallas, TX)

The Great American Truck Show is one of the largest and most anticipated truck events in the country, showcasing the latest in trucks, products, and services. A true celebration of the trucking industry and its rich heritage. Held in August in Dallas, TX, this event attracts a huge crowd of industry professionals and truck enthusiasts, offering exhibits, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

From the largest annual trade shows to specialized Jeep festivals and antique truck gatherings, these events offer something for every truck and Jeep enthusiast. Whether you're looking to see the latest innovations, celebrate classic designs, or simply enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts, these events are not to be missed.