6 Ridiculous Myths City Folk Still Believe About Pickup Trucks

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Pickup trucks, the ultimate symbol of rugged individualism and utilitarian charm, have long been the subject of urban legends and coffee shop gossip. Let's take a fast-paced ride through the most laughable myths, with a cheeky wink at reality. Buckle up, city slickers, it's myth-busting time!

Myth 1: Pickup Trucks Are Gas Guzzlers

"Surely, that beast drinks more than Uncle Bob at Thanksgiving!" Ah, the classic gas-guzzler myth. It's easy to see where it comes from—big vehicles, big appetites, right? Not so fast.

Modern pickups are playing the efficiency game, and they're winning. With advancements in engine technology and the advent of diesel options, they're giving sedans a run for their money on the MPG front. Some models are flirting with fuel economy figures that would make a compact car blush. So, next time you see a pickup at the pump, don't assume it's guzzling more than its fair share.

Myth 2: They Are Difficult to Drive and Park in the City

"Good luck parking that whale!" echoes through city streets. The belief that pickups are as cumbersome as a parade float in city traffic is as outdated as dial-up internet.

Truth be told, modern pickups have shrunk the gap with their city-slicker cousins. With rearview cameras, parking assist, and more responsive handling, they're threading through tight spots and snuggling into parking spaces with surprising grace. So, yes, you can drive a pickup in the city without needing a spotter and a six-point turn.

Myth 3: Pickup Trucks Are Only for Work or Rural Living

"If you don't have a farm or a construction business, why own one?" This myth is as persistent as a mosquito in a tent. Pickup trucks, however, are not just for hauling hay or lumber anymore.

The secret's out: pickups have become the Swiss Army knives of the automotive world. Need to move apartments? Check. Road trip with friends? You bet. The versatility of a pickup truck is unmatched, making it a savvy choice for city dwellers who crave adventure or just need to haul their IKEA hauls.

Myth 4: Pickup Trucks Lack Technological and Modern Features

"Pickups are a throwback, tech-wise." This myth is as old-fashioned as the notion that phones are only for talking. Pickup trucks today are rolling fortresses of technology.

From lane departure warnings to automatic emergency braking, and infotainment systems that can probably do your taxes, pickups are on the cutting edge. They've become mobile command centers, offering connectivity and comfort that rival luxury sedans. So, before you dismiss them as relics, take a peek inside; you might just be surprised.

Myth 5: Pickup Trucks Are Only for Men

"Pickup trucks are for dudes." This myth is as stale as last week's bread. The idea that pickups are the exclusive domain of men is as outdated as the notion that pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

The reality? Women drive pickups, and they drive them well. With the changing cultural symbolism of pickup trucks, they've become a statement of strength, capability, and independence, regardless of gender. The demographic of female pickup truck owners is growing, reflecting the vehicle's universal appeal. So, let's retire this stereotype and appreciate that anyone can look badass behind the wheel of a pickup.

Myth 6: Pickup Trucks Are Not Environmentally Friendly

"Driving a pickup is like personally punching a polar bear." This myth paints pickup trucks as the villains of eco-friendliness, but let's set the record straight.

Enter the era of hybrid and electric pickups, changing the game for environmental impact. These aren't your granddad's gas-guzzlers; they're green machines capable of reducing carbon footprints without sacrificing power. The future of pickups is electric, offering a cleaner, more sustainable option for the eco-conscious driver.

Not everybody loves their looks, though: