7 Pickup Engine Mods You Won’t Believe People Actually Tried

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Imagine a truck so powerful it could outpace your neighbor’s sports car—this isn’t just a daydream after an overcaffeinated pitstop. These engine mods are real, and they turn heads at stoplights and truck shows alike.

Hidden beneath the hoods of unsuspecting pickups lie mechanical marvels that would make even the Mad Hatter drop his teacup in awe.

These mods aren't just for looks—they transform pickups into pavement-pounding beasts.

They're so outlandish, you won't believe people actually tried it.

1. Extreme Engine Swaps

When pickup owners get tired of the same old growl from under the hood, they sometimes say, "Let's do something absolutely wild." And thus, the world is graced with extreme engine swaps that leave spectators wide-eyed and thoroughly entertained.

2. Jet Engine Conversions

They thought it was just a humble pickup, but then they heard a roar that made their hair stand on end—it was a jet engine swap.

Imagine a farm truck with the soul of a fighter jet, barreling down a drag strip or turning heads at a car show.

It's a cacophony of raw power and unbridled speed, often complete with fiery exhaust and a noise warning.

3. Electric Motor Mayhem

On the flip side of the combustion coin, some enthusiasts take the silent road.

Quieter than a mouse with sneakers on, electric motor swaps are sneaking into pickups and shocking everyone with their torque.

They might miss the rumble, but these trucks are all about instant power delivery and the kind of acceleration that can make a V8 blush.

4. Unbelievable Power Boosters

In the world of pickup trucks, going fast is like adding hot sauce to your favorite dish – it just makes everything better.

These power boosters are not just upgrades; they're the black magic that turns your sleepy pickup into a fire-breathing monster.

5. Twin-Turbo Terrors

Meet the twin-turbo setup, the dynamic duo that's here to force-feed your engine with a hurricane of air.

With two turbos working in tandem, it's like having a pair of lungs the size of beach balls; they dramatically increase horsepower and torque.

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility—and probably a need for stronger transmission parts.

6. Nitrous Oxide Insanity

Some may call it cheating; enthusiasts call it rocket science.

Nitrous Oxide systems are like giving your pickup a caffeinated energy drink; it's a temporary but massive burst of power on tap.

One hit of that shiny blue button and voilà, your truck will be pulling a disappearing act on the drag strip.

Just be sure to use it wisely, or you might end up with a very expensive paperweight that once was an engine.

7. Supercharger Sorcery

Superchargers work like a magic spell that beefs up your truck in the blink of an eye. It’s a straight shot of air, directly pumped into the engine, giving it instant gratification in the form of more power.

The supercharger’s whine might as well be the battle cry of pickup enthusiasts looking for that extra oomph without the turbo lag.