27 Gorgeous Vintage Dodge Trucks You'll Now Want to Own

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Dodge pickups have never shied away from making a statement, and with these custom paint jobs, they're shouting it out loud.

These will make you want to time travel just for a test drive!

1. Dodge Ram: Tangerine Swirl

In the warm embrace of the showroom lights, this Dodge Ram radiates with a vibrant orange swirl design, an edible appearance that looks almost dipped in a tangerine dream.

2. 1948 Dodge Vintage Noir

Gleaming like a gem of the past, this '48 Dodge pickup wears a sheen of vintage noir, complimented by sleek chrome accents—a true nod to the golden age of motoring.

3. 1947 Dodge Burnished Bronze

Adorned in a luxurious burnished bronze, this 1947 Dodge pickup is the embodiment of classic sophistication on four wheels.

4. Dodge Ram: Galactic Blaze

This Dodge Ram truck embraces the final frontier with a paint job like a starry night, engulfed in flames that lick the edges of the cosmos itself.

5. 1954 Dodge Flaming Glory

A visual symphony of vibrant hues, this 1954 Dodge pickup brings the heat with its flaming glory paintwork—a mobile masterpiece of fiery passion.

6. 1951 Dodge Icy Flame

A bold expression of contrasts, this 1951 Dodge pickup presents an icy flame design that blends the coolness of winter with the heat of its fiery spirit.

7. Dodge Ram: Lava Street Glide

Cruising the city streets, this Dodge Ram is ablaze with a lava flow motif, its molten colors gleaming with a heat that matches its powerful presence.

8. 1952 Dodge Molten Metal

This 1952 Dodge pickup appears to have been cast from the core of an otherworldly forge, its molten metal aesthetic exuding a fierce and fiery presence.

9. 1953 Dodge Inferno Rush

The 1953 Dodge pickup is ablaze with an inferno rush color scheme, exuding a sense of speed and intensity that burns brightly on the open road.

10. Dodge Ram: Striped Sunset

Capturing the tranquil moments of dusk, this Dodge Ram boasts a glossy coat adorned with stripes that mirror the fading daylight, a perfect blend of night and day.

11. 1953 Dodge Solar Flare

Emanating a brilliance akin to a solar flare, this 1953 Dodge pickup shines with a radiant glow, illuminating the path ahead with its sun-kissed finish.

12. 1952 Dodge Scorching Waves

The 1952 Dodge pickup truck is a rolling canvas of scorching waves, where fiery oranges and deep blacks crash together in a display of vehicular vigor.

13. Dodge Ram: Retro Heatwave

This Dodge Ram revives the bygone era with its classic body draped in retro flames, its fiery pattern set against a shimmering backdrop making it a modern relic of cool.

14. Dodge Ram: Autumn Reflections

Among the kaleidoscope of fall, this Dodge Ram pickup glistens with a cherry red polish and chrome finishes that capture the essence of the season in its reflection.

15. Dodge Ram: Fiery Foliage

Rolling through the autumn avenues, this Dodge Ram carries the spirit of the season with its bold, flame-inspired patterns set against a backdrop of fall's natural palette.

16. Dodge Ram: Orange Peel Precision

Exhibiting at the auto show, this Dodge Ram's exquisite finish resembles the texture of an orange peel, with precision stripes adding a refined edge to its rugged charm.

17. Classic Red Revival

Nestled in an idyllic suburban backdrop, this Dodge pickup in Classic Red is a shining nod to Americana, polished to mirror-like perfection, resonating with the soul of a bygone era.

18. Purple Royalty Reign

With its majestic purple sheen, the Dodge pickup dubbed Purple Haze sits regally before an opulent homestead, its custom curves whispering tales of classic grandeur and automotive nobility.

19. Flaming Fury

This Dodge pickup, aptly named Hot Rod Flame, stands fiercely before a modern facade, its flames licking the contours of a body as dark as the night, a true embodiment of motion even in stillness.

20. Nightfall's Blaze

The Dodge pickup Black Inferno emerges from the dusk, bearing a fiery soul with its vivid flame patterns dancing over a jet-black canvas, a hauntingly beautiful fusion of darkness and light.

21. The Guardian of Dusk

Under the veil of twilight, the Dodge pickup Midnight Vigil stands sentinel, its polished dark hues and gleaming lights a beacon of timeless resilience and enduring charm.

22. A Salute to Freedom

The Dodge pickup Stars and Stripes is a rolling tribute to the star-spangled banner, its red and blue body adorned with patriotic emblems, a homage to the spirit of freedom and vintage Americana.

23. Mirage of the Desert

The Dodge pickup Dusty Rose, captured against a stark and expansive backdrop, radiates the warmth of a desert mirage, its rosy finish an ode to the wild and untamed beauty of arid landscapes.

24. Sunset Silhouette

As the sun dips low, this Dodge pickup in a passionate shade of burgundy reflects the sunset's glow, its sleek silhouette a testament to custom craftsmanship and a love for the open road.

25. Vintage Vignette

Parked in the tranquility of a shaded driveway, this classic Dodge pickup in radiant red and black stands as a vignette of vintage charm, with just a hint of mischief in its whitewall tires.

26. Twilight's Titan

In the soft embrace of twilight, this Dodge pickup boasts a glossy black coat, its polished curves and radiant headlights casting a commanding presence against the evening sky.

27. Cherry Chrome Charm

The vivid cherry red of this Dodge pickup shines brightly against the green backdrop, its flawless chrome detailing reflecting a blend of nature’s serenity and man-made marvel.