21 Perfectly Restored Pickups With Jaw-Dropping Paint Jobs

Written by Jim Belt in Trucks

Get ready to feast your eyes on automotive eye candy! We've rounded up 21 perfectly restored classic and custom pickup trucks that will leave you breathless with their jaw-dropping paint jobs.

21. Dodge D-Series Copper Gleam

Under the stark gallery illumination, this Dodge D-Series pickup showcases its copper gleam, an ode to the craftsmanship of a bygone era, its every curve polished to a mirror-like finish.

20. Chevrolet Advance Design Ocean

The Chevrolet Advance Design, dressed in a serene teal reminiscent of a calm sea, carries the spirit of a coastal drive along the Pacific Highway, with every detail crafted for the perfect getaway.

19. Dodge Power Wagon Utility

This Dodge Power Wagon is a rolling thunderstorm, decked out in a high-contrast scheme of orange and blue, it's a mobile masterpiece that looks as if it was forged in the heart of a star.

18. Dodge B-Series Amber Majesty

Captured in a moment of fall tranquility, this Dodge B-Series pickup glows in an amber majesty, its reflective surface echoing the golden leaves above in a symphony of autumn elegance.

17. Chevrolet 3100 Twilight

The twilight hues on this Chevrolet 3100 mesh with the urban backdrop, its gleaming surfaces and meticulous details reminiscent of a classic film noir set on wheels.

16. Dodge Deluxe

Draped in a deep blue with gold accents, this Dodge F1 Deluxe stands as a testament to timeless sophistication, its polished chrome and bold stance echoing the luxury of a classic yacht.

15. Dodge Custom Flowing Chrome

The Dodge Custom marries classic design with a sleek, flowing chrome trim, creating a visual harmony that sings as smoothly as a classic tune on a quiet evening drive.

14. Chevrolet C10 Classic

This sleek Chevy C10, dipped in a luxurious ocean blue with orange flames, looks like it just cruised out of a rockabilly's dream, boasting chrome accents that catch the light and imagination.

13. Chevrolet 3100 Amethyst

This Chevrolet 3100, cloaked in a majestic purple with golden flames, is the knight in shining armor of the road, exuding a regal presence that turns every parking lot into a royal courtyard.

12. Dodge Power Wagon Copper Reflection

Shimmering in the gallery's spotlight, this Dodge Power Wagon's copper sheen is a nod to the timeless allure of vintage trucks, a true mirror of automotive history's golden age.

11. Ford F1 Classic Red

Caught in the rain's afterglow, this Ford F1's classic red commands attention, its glossy sheen and striking chrome features reflecting a legacy as enduring as the bridge it stands before.

10. International Harvester R110 Race

The International Harvester R110, with its racing number and purple attire, brings the thrill of the racetrack to the street, echoing the roar of the crowd in every rev of its engine.

9. Dodge Custom Royal Purple

The Dodge Custom, cloaked in royal purple and boasting flames fit for a monarch, sits proudly against the mountainous backdrop, a regal testament to custom craftsmanship.

8. Dodge D100 Classic

The Dodge D100, resplendent in a mirror-like cherry cola finish, captures the essence of vintage Americana on wheels, reminiscent of a freshly poured soda pop glinting in the summer sun.

7. Chevrolet Advanced Design Hotrod

Bathed in the glow of neon and sunset, this hotrod version of the Chevrolet Advanced Design is a striking fusion of classic lines and a fiery paint job that's as spicy as a bowl of Texas chili.

6. Chevrolet Advance Design Sparkling Espresso

Glittering under the expo lights, this Chevrolet Advance Design pickup is polished to perfection, its sparkling espresso finish as deep and rich as a gourmet coffee, served fresh on a platter of chrome and classic style.

5. Ford Deluxe Burgundy Beauty

Bathed in the soft light of the hangar, this Ford Deluxe pickup is a study in elegance, with a burgundy beauty that speaks of a refined taste and a penchant for the finer things in automotive history.

4. Dodge Power Wagon Autumn Majesty

Amidst the amber hues of fall, this Dodge Power Wagon's lustrous purple and blue finish is a seasonal symphony, echoing the grandeur of mountain drives on crisp autumn days.

3. Dodge D100 Sage Green

The sage green of this Dodge D100 blends into the autumnal setting with understated elegance, its classic lines whispering stories of bygone days and timeless adventures.

2. Chevrolet Advance Design Serenity

The cool and composed teal on this Chevrolet Advance Design truck whispers tales of tranquil forest roads and the quiet power beneath its classic and elegant exterior.