Info on this Website

Welcome to - your online #1 resource for the detailed torque specs of all types of vehicles. This website aims to help you find any torque setting for a specific model. It may help you work on your own vehicles more confidently and quickly.

Why does this website exist?

I've created this website to solve a big problem me and my friends have. It's really hard to find specific torque specs on the internet. We scour forums and workshop manuals in PDF form - which is really unhandy while you're wrenching. I want to be able to quickly find my model and make, and Ctrl + F to find my torque setting.

That's why I've decided to create an online resource to definitively solve this problem. I hope to create a resource that is easy to use on your mobile phone while working on your vehicle. If you find it useful, consider linking to my website and help out others as well.

I now have a small team of engineers helping me to find as much data on as many vehicles as we can, while ensuring the accuracy of our data by holding ourselves accountable to our sources.

Where do I get my torque specifications?

I make sure my torque specs are as precise as possible. Mostly, we get the data from the manufacturers themselves: they publish a (complicated) workshop manual on each model, which you can usually find online for newer models. But for older models, we have to do some digging. If we can't find any official documentation, we dig through user-generated content, which contains a wealth of information.

We store all of our sources and update and revise data periodically to ensure you get the best data possible. You'll find one of two icons besides each torque value:

Unverified source: no official source, usually pieces of manuals or forums

Verified source: manufacturer or authority